Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need to Pack the LG XBoom

by Business Watch Team

Over the weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to tour the Ololosokuan Nature trail. With most of us working from home, all we needed was a break away from the indoor ambiance and for once embrace the beauty that nature has to offer.

The atmosphere was welcoming, birds chirped and it was all fun climbing the rocks and seeing the different types of tree species. To spice our trip, we carried along the LG XBoom Go PL5 portable Bluetooth Speaker with us. Trust me, you need some music to psyche you up when climbing a rock 15 meters tall. The beauty of the new LG XBoom speakers is that it’s ideal for all kinds of settings, from outdoor parties to dinner parties, to pulsating clubs.

Why the XBoom?

Excellent Audio Quality – The nature trail is long, and the rocks are huge and thick, but we could still hear the sound of music from the LG XBoom PL5 from meters away and from the other side of the rocks. At some point, we used the sound as a guide to those ahead of us when we got tired and lagged.  

Please note the PL5 is just one of the three models of the LG XBOOM PL Speakers. The others are PL7(bigger size) and PL2 (Smaller size). For a wide soundstage with excellent detail across the higher frequencies, the PL7 employs dual tweeters, while all models produce exceptional bass thanks to the inclusion of Dual passive radiators. With the Dual Action Bass feature (PL7, PL5), the speakers pump out dynamic bass that users can feel as well as hear.

Easily portable The distance from Nairobi City center to Ololosokuan Nature trail is about 30 Kilometres. This would take you roughly 40- 60 minutes if you are driving at a normal person’s speed. To be honest, you can throw the LG XBoom speaker of your choice in your backpack and you may not notice you have it all through the 30KM, it’s that light and easily portable.

Long Battery Life – We arrived at the Nature trail about 15 minutes past 10 Am and began playing music on the LG XBoom speaker immediately after our benediction. We walked around the trail until 4:15 PM. The speaker gave us 6 hours of quality service without having to charge it – we highly recommend it for the Oscars as a best-supporting actor because this was too good to be true.

Outstanding Design – Now, we all love being associated with things that look fine. Truth is, the LG XBoom speakers do not disappoint, from the PL2 to the PL5, you can show them off anytime anywhere. The speakers boast enhanced usability and a stylish new oval-like design. They also have the multi-color lighting feature that complements the speakers’ excellent audio quality and adds an element of visual excitement to the user experience, employing a three-step process to detect tempo based on sound waves, and producing pulses of light by the speed and beat of the song.

Multi-phone pairing – Let’s be candid, not everyone will like your playlists. This was very evident during the nature trail when no one liked my playlists, we leveraged the multi-phone pairing feature of the LG XBoom and my friend could play a song, and be loved by all. This presented next-level convenience that is not common among Bluetooth speakers in the market.

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