Here Are 8 Social Media Best Practices for Financial Advisors

by Business Watch Team

Social media best practices for financial advisors is a key prospecting tool in the financial services industry. This is because almost everyone is on these social platforms.

Whether catching up with close friends and relatives, sharing personal and group experiences or marketing their businesses and expertise, social media is a fast and easy way to access your target audience.

How then does this come in handy for a financial advisor? 

To begin with, 2 things are important for you as a financial advisor; building your brand and credibility. People are literally trusting you to give them the best advice to grow their wealth or life savings. With a good brand, you are able to create stronger relationships with existing and prospective clients.

According to Shupav Digital, there are 8 social media best practices for financial advisors as shown below:

Adopt social media into your digital marketing strategy. In addition to the cold calling, client visits, and other prospecting practices, social media is a means to remaining in the faces of your clients. Their eyes are literally on their phones a couple of times a day.

Set goals. It all starts with your desired results. What are you looking to achieve with the application of social media marketing to your financial advisory? Write this down, literally with a schedule and steps you will take to realize them. Goal setting comes first as a social media best practice for financial advisors.

Start slow. Social media won’t always give you immediate results. Share your content, watch users’ reactions, learn better ways of communicating to them and apply these for better results. Consider Facebook & LinkedIn as complementary. Create networks on LinkedIn then nurture the relationships on Facebook.

Learn. Learn. Learn. What makes your peers or mentors effective in the application of social media in prospecting? What content types are giving them the most interest and engagement? How about your profile? Which content types does your audience respond to the most? Which days of the week, times of the day do you draw the most engagement? Find what works and keep at it.

Consistency is key. If you are the type that starts something then stops a few days later, then social media marketing will not work for you. Persist. Analyze. Learn. Improve. Remember the schedule we mentioned earlier? Stick to it. Remember, if social media best practices for financial advisors were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Drive traffic to your website. If you are an independent agent with your own company, directing people to your site would be a good idea. Post links to content on your website or product landing page for people to find out more. Similarly, if you are employed, the corporate website is your prospects’ information goldmine. Consider using customized links as well to capture leads to your CRM account.

Look out for informative content. You can visit a couple of websites you find interesting or useful, curate content from these sites and publish them with a link to the site where you got the information from. This helps enhance your credibility to clients and prospects as a brand that reads widely and shares informative content.

Customize your updates. Content will be largely similar, so what do you do to stand out? Call upon your analytical juices. Add your thoughts, opinions, and personality to your updates to give your audience a sense of how knowledgable you are on the subject matter.

If you are the type of professional who is deliberate about how you do things, then these 8 social media best practices for financial advisors will come in handy in boosting your prospecting efforts and sales conversions.

This article was written by Victor Ooko, a Marketing and Communications Strategist at Shupav Digital

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