Here Is A Full List TSC Distribution Of July Recruitment Posts Per County

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With the main aim of ensuring Promotion of the government policy on a 100 percent transition of students from primary to secondary schools and to meet the current teacher shortage, the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has already advertised 5,000 teaching positions.

Additionally, TSC advertised 8,230 vacancies to replace teachers exiting service through natural attrition, of the advertised vacancies 6,539 posts for primary schools and 1,691 posts for secondary schools.

It is important to note that teachers recruited will serve on Permanent and Pensionable terms of service. TSC is seeking to employ 14,460 teachers in a bid to plug acute shortage that has crippled learning in public primary and secondary schools.

Of the new vacancies, 3,972 will go to secondary schools to help cope with the shortage created by 100 per cent transition policy, 1,000 to primary institutions while teacher training colleges will get 28 tutors. They will be recruited under permanent and pensionable terms of service.

TSC was allocated Sh298.4 billion in the current budget, Sh2.5 billion of which is for the recruitment of new teachers and Sh1.2 billion for hiring of interns on contractual basis. It is yet to advertise the internship positions.

To fill vacancies that have been left vacant by exits, the commission will recruit 6,539 teachers for primary and 1,691 others for secondary schools. These too will be on permanent and pensionable terms.

TSC has lined up 844 permanent positions for schools in the north. Through affirmative action, the jobs are earmarked for teachers from the region.

This is a re-advertisement after the commission failed to get enough teachers in a previous recruitment drive. Primary schools will get 764 teachers while 80 will be posted to secondary institutions.

“To qualify for recruitment, a candidate must be teaching under board of management in Garissa, Mandera or Wajir counties, if not hailing from the three counties,” said Ms Nancy Macharia, the TSC chief executive.

The move is meant to encourage teachers from the region to apply. In the past, teachers from other regions have shunned working there over insecurity while unions have advocated for posting of local tutors. In addition, 386 contract teachers will be engaged.

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