Here Is All You Should Know About The New Stima Sacco Branch In Kisii

by Business Watch Team
Stima Sacco

Stima Sacco, to bring services closer to the people, has today launched a new branch in Kisii Town, domiciled at the Waumini Plaza.

The opening of the office forms part of the decentralization policy implemented by Sacco in its efforts to come closer to its members.

Sacco has made this strategic choice to enhance the effectiveness and impact of its operations in the various corners of the country.

Speaking during the launch, Stima Sacco Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gamaliel Hasan said the establishment of the new Branch reflects Sacco’s unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its members and the modern demands of the members living and working in the devolved governments, most especially in the County of Kisii and its environs.

“As we launch our Kisii Branch, we are filled with optimism for the future. We are confident that our presence here will not only empower individuals and businesses through financial services but also contribute to the overall economic growth and development of Kisii County,” said Dr Hassan.

He further emphasized that the Branch Expansion Strategy of Stima Sacco has always been centered around three key pillars: accessibility, convenience, and member satisfaction.

“At the heart of our Branch Expansion Strategy lies a commitment to bringing our services closer to our valued members,” he asserted.

“We recognize the importance of accessibility and convenience in meeting the evolving needs of our members in today’s fast-paced world. This new Branch exemplifies our dedication to bridging the gap and ensuring that our financial services are readily available to all.”

The CEO further averred that convenience is another crucial aspect of the Branch Expansion Strategy.

“We understand that the fast-paced nature of modern life demands flexibility and efficiency. We live in an era where time is a valuable commodity, and efficiency is paramount,” Dr Hassan stressed.

“Our new branch is strategically located to offer convenience to our members, allowing them to access our services without having to travel long distances or endure lengthy commutes. It represents our dedication to making banking more convenient, hassle-free, and tailored to the diverse lifestyles of our members.”

Speaking at the same time, Stima DT Sacco National Chairman, Eng. Albert Mugo said that the launch of the new branch demonstrates the Sacco’s continuing commitment as a partner in the economic and financial development of all corners of Kenya.

The chairman emphasized that the launch of the new Branch is a significant step towards accomplishing the Sacco’s 2019-2024 strategic plan, which also incorporates the Branch expansion program.

“The launch of this Branch is more than just a physical presence. It represents a promise – a promise to be a reliable partner in the financial journey of our members, a promise to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency, and a promise to contribute to the social and economic well-being of this community,” said Eng. Mugo.

“The establishment of this Branch is a testament to the trust and confidence that our members have placed in us over the years. Their unwavering support has fuelled our expansion, allowing us to bring our services closer to their doorstep.”

The event was graced by H.E Hon. Paul Simba Arati who said, “On behalf of the people of Kisii, I congratulate Stima Sacco for expanding its footprint to this part of the Lake Region Economic Bloc. We appreciate the Society’s decision to choose our town as the location of its twelfth branch countrywide.

For us, the residents of this county, the new branch is a vote of confidence in the business environment we are cultivating to enable more organizations and investors to set shop.”

He further stressed that most of the residents of the County are farmers and they can benefit from accessing affordable credit to undertake various activities. Even businesspeople in the county will welcome loans with low-interest rates.

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