Here Is The Best New Year Resolution For Your Kid: Mdosi Junior

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Mdosi Junior

The new year has started melting. January is almost done and dusted. Kids have returned to school and I am sure parents have felt the pinch of school fees. But we must give them the best. We must take them to better schools and give them better health.

Anything good you want to give your kids might not be possible without money. One of your resolutions this year should be to have money set aside for your kids. It may be for education, health, or their financial future. And it is easy, thanks to financial institutions such as Family Bank.

Family Bank has a Mdosi Junior Account that introduces your children to the basics of sound financial discipline while securing their future.

Mdosi Junior Account is an ideal option for children below 12 years of age and is operated by a parent or guardian. It is an account that is in line with the aspirations that many parents have for their children.

Mdosi Junior Account comes with 3 Free withdrawals per year, Interest earning balance of only KES 5,000/, and loans of up to 90 percent of the amount in the Mdosi Junior Account.

All you need as a guardian is an original and copy of the parent/guardian’s National ID or valid passport, an original and copy of the child’s birth certificate, birth notification, clinic card, baptism card, and an opening balance of KES 200 or KES 1,000 (for your child to start using Henry or Hannah Hippo Bank immediately)

Why is this account important?

It protects the future of your child. With your child having cash in the bank, and with you setting specific goals such as education, you will not have to worry when the time comes.

It gives you time to focus on other things. This account lifts some worries off your shoulders. You will not have to constantly worry about your kids’ future in terms of education, health, and other aspects of life.

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