Here’s KNUT Statement On Teachers Eating CBC Chicken

by Business Watch Team

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary general Collins Oyuu has demanded an apology from MP Didmus Barasa for his remarks alleging that CBC teachers eat chicken while marking practicals and take advantage of CBC to acquire chicken from parents.

“The public must be reminded that KNUT dissented to the roll-out of the said curriculum without the participation of stakeholders. We all know what happened afterward. This is the ultimate price we paid for CBC,” he stated

According to Oyuu, the lawmakers’ remarks were disrespectful and demeaning to teachers. He added that the MP’s remarks can strain the relationship between teachers and the community

“Our members feel embarrassed and looked down upon,” the SG added

While attending a funeral in Bungoma, Barasa made the remarks after pictures of learners slaughtering chickens were shared online.

“Learners have slaughtered chicken in the name of an experiment. After the lesson, teachers go home with the chicken,” the MP had remarked

He added that teachers have eaten and finished chicken in parents’ homesteads over CBC. Do away with CBC completely” He said in part.

Some parents have been openly complaining about the CBC education system stating that it is expensive. Some however support the system stating that it teaches students useful skills to live in the society in future. The system is set to be reviewed.

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