HMD and Sinead Gorey Unveil Fashion-Forward Phonecore Collection

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Human Mobile Devices (HMD), a leading name in European mobile innovation, proudly announces the global launch of the highly anticipated Phonecore Collection, an exciting collaboration between European mobile innovator Human Mobile Devices (HMD) and acclaimed London Fashion Week designer Sinead Gorey. This avant-garde fashion line celebrates the launch of HMD’s latest smartphone, the Pulse Pro.

Debuted at an exclusive event in Nairobi, Kenya, the collection is now available worldwide. The designs are inspired by the HMD Pulse Pro, a smartphone that combines advanced technology with a distinctive normcore aesthetic. Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlights that the Pulse Pro is both a tech marvel and a fashion statement, offering luxury and innovation at an accessible price.

Lars Silberbauer, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer, expresses the brand’s excitement: “The HMD Pulse Pro is more than just a state-of-the-art smartphone; it’s a fashion statement. We’re thrilled to see it inspire Sinead Gorey’s innovative designs.” 

Sinead Gorey, fashion designer adds: “Our Phonecore collection blends tech and fashion, showcasing futuristic, art-deco-inspired designs. This collaboration highlights the seamless fusion of technology and wearable fashion.”

The Phonecore Collection Features!

Phonecore Screen Shades: Wild oversized sunglasses with vertical frames shaped like smartphones. Rocking two phone silhouettes over your eyes is a total vibe!

Phonecore Mobile Backpack: A 3D-printed mini backpack just for your phone. This semi-transparent bag lets your HMD Pulse Pro sit upright for easy hands-free selfies on the go.

Phonecore Belt: A stylish, modern belt with a special pouch for your phone. The ultimate accessory to elevate any outfit!

Introducing the HMD x Sinead Gorey ‘Phonecore’ Collection!  Get ready to grab these limited accessories worldwide! Stay tuned at @hmdkenya for updates.

About HMD Pulse Pro: Level up your selfie game with Pulse Pro’s 50MP camera, Selfie Gesture Navigation, and AI Super Portrait mode. Available in Glacier Green, Twilight Purple, and Black Ocean. 

HMD Pulse Pro: A Fashion Statement in Your Hand

The Pulse Pro exudes timeless style and sleek design. Major celebrity vibes without the price tag! The recommended retail price is under KES 30,000 on Stock keeping units and will be hitting our markets end of May 2024.

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