HMD Is Now Manufacturing Their Own Phones, Becomes Third Largest In The World

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Following the recent announcement of its transition to a new multi-brand portfolio strategy, HMD Global, the largest European smartphone manufacturer, today announces another major milestone: HMD has started manufacturing 5G1 smartphones in Europe.  The company’s first device off the line, the Nokia XR21, is now available for purchase by Enterprise customers. This aligns with the overall growth potential for smartphones in Europe, with Canalys forecasting that the European smartphone market will increase by 7% in 2024.

“We are thrilled to be manufacturing the Nokia XR21, our signature rugged 5G smartphone, in Europe. We are dedicated to investing in security, technology, and manufacturing processes that make our devices more secure and longer lasting,” said Jean-Francois Baril, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HMD Global. 

‘Our plans include further investment into software security, to offer customized software and security features directly to customers.’

Responding to the evolving needs of Enterprise customers, HMD developed capabilities and processes to bring device production to Europe. Every device undergoes rigorous software and malware testing in Europe, with some Enterprise customers requesting additional security in conjunction with several IT security partners. Data is stored securely in the EU: With a focus on software security and privacy by design, consumer and corporate data from all smartphones made by HMD has been stored and processed on HMD’s servers in Finland since 2019.

Beyond its security credentials, the XR21 is also built to last and designed with sustainability in mind. With military-grade durability certification3 and an IP69K rating, this smartphone is certified to withstand dust, heat, impact, and water. As part of HMD’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the Nokia XR21 is crafted to minimize the impact on the environment: The chassis is made from 100% recycled aluminum and its two-day battery life4 supports 60% more charges over its lifetime.

Additional stages in the European production process will help to further reduce emissions.

To celebrate the new manufacturing origin and security standards of the Nokia XR21, a limited edition of 302 units to come off the European production line will be available to purchase on (Include link) The limited Made in Europe edition devices feature an exclusive Frosted Platinum color, are engraved with their unique serial number, and come with a certificate of origin in the box.

Pricing and availability

The Nokia XR21 Limited edition in exclusive Frosted Platinum is available from (£599) today in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Finland on The Nokia XR21 European Edition in Black will be available soon from 649€ (£549) in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Finland from

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