How A Kenyan Startup Is Enabling Trade Across Africa

by Business Watch Team

Kenya is on a growth trajectory. Technology is at the center of this promising path.

Over the last few years, we have seen significant investments made in the tech sector. These investments have been both government and private-sector-led. Some have also been joint efforts through public-private partnerships.

The country has also welcomed increased interest from global tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Visa to name but a few who have set up bases in Nairobi as their regional hubs. This has essentially made Kenya and the capital Nairobi a technology hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tech startups in the country are also performing well. They have also continued to place the country on the map

According to a study by the African Tech Startups Funding Report 2020, Kenyan tech startups raised a record amount of funding in 2020, securing a combined total of Ksh 19.1 billion

The combined 19.1 billion accounted for 27.3 percent of the continent’s total investment, the largest amount of funding ever achieved by a single country.

In February this year, a group of 30 tech entrepreneurs with links to Silicon Valley raised $200 million for investing in promising tech start-ups in Kenya and other African countries. The fund backed by Stockholm-based Norrsken fund will provide early-stage funding to promising start-ups and founders in Kenya and the region.

“Africa has a population of 1.2 billion, where 60 percent are below 25 years old. In the next decade, this young, digital-first generation will change not only the future of Africa but of the world”, said Niklas Adalberth, founder of Norrsken Foundation in a statement

This funding is cementing Africa’s position as the epicenter for digital disruption. Technology is supporting emerging businesses to create innovative ways of doing business. A lot of startups are enabling this journey.

Digitization has become a key enabler for the growth of many businesses across the continent.  Entrepreneurs have embraced the concept. They are now using various technology solutions from various startups to support their businesses

One such startup is Sendy. The tech company is building easy tech solutions that enable businesses to sell, move goods and get financing.

They are spurring the growth of businesses through democratizing logistics and trade across the continent. The Kenyan-birthed startup has operations in Kenya, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, and Nigeria

“As a business, if you start operating you want to sell to your customers. In the developed world, the infrastructure is there for you and you don’t have to worry about that. But here you find businesses will have to build their own or try and manage it themselves.” said Mesh Alloys Sendy Founder and CEO in a past media interview.

Their products Sendy Supply and Sendy Fulfillment have created a perfect infrastructure to address the challenges businesses face. It is now enabling seamless trade.

“With the push of a button, businesses can sell to their customers. And they don’t have to worry about how products get to their customers or their storage, payments and we also sometimes finance them so that customers can buy more goods,” he added

Sendy is providing an all-around solution to commerce, from ordering, delivery, and storage to financing.

A lot more tech firms are addressing these challenges. Kenyan startups are leading this revolution. Trade is being simplified by technology. Entrepreneurs can today thrive in their businesses by embracing and integrating these tech solutions into their businesses.

Africa is the frontier of digital disruption. The continent is totally embracing technological innovations that are adding value to their lives across various sectors. Trade is one of them and players like Sendy are proving the right solutions needed in the quest to democratize the sector.

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