How About A Toyota Starlet This Valentines Day For A Ride

by Business Watch Team

The month of love is finally here. February 14 is approaching fast and the red roses and blooming, ready to color the world on this day.

But nothing defines this day more than presents. It is a day meant to show and appreciate those who matter in your life. It is also a day for self-love.

So, while thinking about what kind of present to buy, how about you get yourself or your loved one a car this valentine? Imagine the reaction of your loved one or family if you turned up with a new ride on the 14th.

The Valentine’s car this month should be the Toyota Starlet which is currently selling at Ksh. 2,000,000, Toyota Starlet which hit the Kenya market as the year 2020 was slowly melting away, came, not just as a car that is friendly to the pockets but as the most enhanced with amazing features as compared to peers.

Buying a Toyota Starlet this month of love is buying stability. The fact is, how fast a car move is determined by how stable it is. Toyota Starlet comes equipped with a wide and low silhouette that offers more stability at high speed with high ground clearance. It also has a turning radius of 4.9 m for drivers to make turns even in congested places.

Once inside the car, you might never take your eyes off the dashboard. The dashboard is all about love. The dashboard is classy and attractive giving you and your car a sense of ownership. Your dashboard is the only channel that your car can communicate with you. Toyota Starlet comes with a digital speedometer with color MID, leather steering wheel with telescopic adjustment, climate control, and push-start operation.

The car comes with a steering wheel that is adjustable with a 190 mm front legroom that gives one a perfect driving position and experience throughout the journey. This helps the driver adjust the steering wheel to a position that fits their height.

The rear row of seats folds down with no effort leaving plenty of room for a large load, as well as giving space for passengers who also get to enjoy a legroom of 200 mm. This means one can travel long distances with minimum fatigue.

The vehicle comes with a 1.4 L petrol engine that delivers both power and fuel efficiency. The intake VVT, cylinder head, and piston crowns are designed to boost thermal efficiency and fuel economy. The engine has a power output pegged at 68kW/6000 rpm with 130Nm of torque at 4200 rpm.

It is important to note that Toyota Starlet is a multi-purpose vehicle that comes as a comfortable, reliable, and safe solution for customers looking for high-economy vehicles with exceptional drivability. Enter this Valentine’s in style with lots of love and life.

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