How About Having A Washing Machine That Cares For Your Fabric 18% More?

by Business Watch Team
Washing Machine

There are various reasons why people wash/clean their clothes. The most basic reason is for them to look clean and keep those using the look smart. But one other major reason that many people don’t know is to make them last longer.

Washing your clothes should not be part of them undergoing wear and tear. It should be part of the process to make them last longer. Have you ever taken your clothes to the laundromat and some of them come back lighter than they initially were? Is your current washing machine playing part in wearing off your favorite clothes?

LG AI DD, from the giant electronic company LG Electronics, is redefining how laundry is done. The new machine is not only making washing easier by reducing the time taken to clean each load as compared to conventional ones but is helping in making your favorite clothes last longer too.

The AI DD can detect various characteristics in every load that you want to clean. By identifying each load by the characteristic, the AI DD can determine how each load is to be washed. Not all clothes are the same. Even those that you consider as cotton using the naked eye, have some other finer characteristics too. The AI DD detects the difference in them and decides a suitable washing pattern from the big data that the machine itself would have collected. This protects your fabric 18 percent more than the normal washing machine.

LG AI DD comes LG Direct Drive Motor. For those use to washing machines vibrating and making noise, this one produces less noise and vibration. It gives every user a powerful washing performance.

Not every washing machine knows your needs. Not every washing machine takes good care of your fabric. If you are in for the maximum experience, then LG AI DD is what you need.

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