How Do You Shop For A New Air Conditioning Unit?

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The pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lifestyle.  So far we now know it is important to maintain social distance, wash our hands with soap, use sanitizer, wear masks, and avoid touching our faces.

As we are now spending more time indoors, a lot more people have discovered the need to make their homes more comfortable and have invested in appliances upgrade. But perhaps the most underrated aspect is the importance of a clean smelling home, and one with cool air circulation.

Fresh circulation of air in our houses is now more important than ever before. With WHO’s insistence on maintaining high levels of hygiene, an air conditioner seems like a logical solution. But what do you look for when shopping for a new AC unit? Size matters.

When you’re shopping for a new AC unit, one of the most important things to consider is picking the right size for your space. If you buy an undersized air conditioner, it’s likely that the equipment may fail to keep up with cooling demands on hot days — not to mention ultimately increasing your energy bill since it’s working continuously to meet that demand. However, if you purchase an oversized AC unit, it’ll reach that demanded temperature too quickly, which leads to a short-cycling behavior, premature breakdowns, and more power consumption.

It is important to always look for products that are Energy Star-rated, which are independently certified to save energy and help reduce environmental impact. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio SEER which is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and measures the efficiency of the air conditioners over a period of time under various.

Generally, the higher the rating, the better efficiency, and greater energy efficiency can translate into lower monthly energy costs. LG Room Air Conditioners with DUAL Inverter Compressor™ are up to 25% more energy efficient than the ENERGY STAR® certification requirement.

Inverter Technology is a key attribute of LG’s new room air conditioners. It is used in conjunction with LG revolutionary R1 Compressors which is highly and produces less noise during operation to maintain silence. LG R1 combines the characteristics of the scroll and rotary compressors, which allows meeting these two goals. This is more energy-efficient than non-Inverter Technology room air conditioners, which turns the compressor either on or off to regulate temperature.

Artificial intelligence is the future. Innovation has made it possible to control our appliances from the comfort of our couches, or our beds, without having to get up. AC should be no different. Whether its Wi-Fi enabled and can be adjusted through an app on your smartphone or through remote control, these features make it easier to change settings. The new LG ACs are ThinQ enabled. This means that you are able to monitor operational status and easily control the air conditioner’s functions at any time or anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

The AC noise level is normally a deal-breaker in most cases. If the AC unit is going to be anywhere near your bedroom — or at-home workspace — having a unit that won’t keep you up all night or distracted is vital. Many units are rated with a Nominal Sound Level – the average sound level in decibels. The higher the number, the louder the unit. For example, 40 equals a library while 70 equals a vacuum cleaner. With the Lo Decibel feature, LG room air conditioners operate at sound levels as low as 44dB*, thanks to LG’s unique BLDC Motor and DUAL Inverter Compressor™, eliminating unnecessary noise for smooth operation. The Sleep Mode also keeps operating noise to a minimum and turns the air conditioner off after a set time. The timer can be set from 1 to 7 hours, making sure your sleep remains uninterrupted.

On the commercial segment, LG the new commercial air conditioner (CAC), equipped with its innovative air purification function. The product is optimized for air-conditioning solutions for facilities such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, where people relatively vulnerable to fine dust gatherings. In addition, the new cassette is suitable for offices and retail shops where end-users spend a long time. LG’s new cassette offers more choices to building owners and consultants who are torn between various selections of cassettes.

Thus, products with air purification are necessary for space where people are crowded, especially those with weak immunity. LG’s cassette type indoor unit, equipped with air purification function, is the best option when considering the installation of air purification products for large space. To implement efficient air purifying technology, LG has supplemented air purification solutions to 1 Way and 4 Way cassette indoor units.

LG’s innovative 4-step air purifying process consists of ▲a Pre-filter ▲Dust Electrification ▲Ultrafine dust filter ▲Photocatalytic deodorization filter. With this process, it allows ultrafine dust, level of PM1.0, to be removed. Firstly, the multi-layer structure of Pre-filter removes the particle, which is 2.5 times higher efficiency than general pre-filters. Then, Dust Electrification increases the electrostatic force of particle improving the filter’s collecting efficiency. The following step is removing dust up to PM1.0 ultrafine particle with Electric Dust Filter. Lastly, the Deodorization filter removes life odor and harmful gases with high-efficiency gas adsorption technology.

LG’s new cassette provides powerful air purification performance. The filter removes a dust-up to PM1.0 with LG’s revolutionary technology. Even though LG adds an air-purifying process to the cassette, it keeps its excellence in appearance as separate filter frames are applied to air purification filters inside the product. As a result, LG’s indoor unit looks the slimmest among any other products in the market.

Another notable feature of LG’s new cassette is its indoor panel LED lamp and a wired remote control, which allows monitoring air quality in real-time. Monitoring can be done anytime via mobile LG ThinQ app.

Moreover, the integral panel is installed to the indoor unit body, therefore it does not take up space on the floor and interior space can be utilized more widely. Since the air purification filters are semi-permanent and one-touch, it does not need to be replaced, providing convenient maintenance for building owners.

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