How Is Sport Enhancing Business In Pubs?

by Business Watch Team

Pubs are the best place to watch your favorite weekday or weekend sport because of the surety of the HD quality picture, the immersive surround system experience, the crowd that keeps roaring, and the authenticity of the game the pub experience brings to the afternoon. Need I mention the tasty food, your cold drink and of course your friends to go along with that.

Sports are very profitable to pubs and clubs and particularly those that get the experience right. The Premier League alone helps pubs rake in high sales every year as football remains the most-watched and loved game by sports fans. However, pub operators are looking at driving footfall and set on turning tables as many times as they can on match days. That is where the benefits of having large screens, a well-mapped-out space, and the right music come into play. Every pub wants its revelers to arrive early and stay on through the evening, way past the final whistle.

Expanding the screening experience beyond the match of the day becomes important to hold the crowd and create an additional experience customer may not know that they were looking for. Entertainment is the hook that holds it all together and helps drive additional revenue, offers a competitive edge to any pub, and creates the experience sports fans can’t get in their living rooms.

The DStv Business Play Ultra package is designed to offer pubs and clubs the latitude to experience top-of-the-class sports to keep their customers hooked to the joints. With all premium, sports showing on the Play Ultra package including over 15 SuperSport channels offering the top leagues in European football – Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, UFC and WWE Action, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, and Motorsport your guests are sure to stream in throughout the afternoon each weekend especially if you can move them through the motions of sports across the day. The Grandstand channel carries the biggest sport of the day which begins early morning with matches from the NBA, UFC, and Boxing fight nights, mid-morning experiences present Rugby and Golf matches before Football and Motorsport thrills begin from midday into the evening.

The current customers have minimal loyalty and are looking for the best experiences that life has to offer. Pubs that will thrive in today’s cutthroat business environment are those that capitalize on more than just football. Offering an experience as a pub is also important to the customer for their own social media following just as much as it is for the pub. Using big screens and showing a variety of sports allows fans to take photos of themselves watching the game, tweet about their experiences, and even tag the pub on their social media handles. This drives more awareness about the pub and creates a sense of belonging among the revelers, attracting customers from far and wide to get the same experience. Some sports fans associated with the more niche sports such as rugby and motorsport can also use their following to influence how other customers perceive a certain pub.

Rather than sport being a cost to a pub, it can add to the bottom line of any business. Sports fans will go out at least once each week and spend more than do on days when there is a live sport. The trick is to keep them hooked for as long as possible, more than the average 3 hours of a football game using pre and post-match deals and a variety of sports. The mix of sports on offer is key to allowing fans to plan ahead knowing they will catch their favorite game, find their favorite spot and get their best sporting experience. DStv Play package has it all lined up for pub owners, from as little as Sh.4100 connect your business to profits today. DStv Business customers sign up for their preferred packages at the most affordable rate to keep their businesses operating at optimum. Get connected today by dialing (+254)711066550 or via the email address

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