How Mi Vida Is Pioneering Sustainable Design Through Green Building

by Business Watch Team
Mi Vida

The ongoing global green initiative is giving rise to sustainable developments in Kenya and developers are playing their part by delivering green buildings, structures that are efficiently designed to reduce resources used from construction to operation.

Green buildings, from conception, construction, and operation, are efficiently designed to use fewer resources including land, water, and energy and this shift to efficiency is giving Kenya’s architecture international recognition.

Additionally, homeowners are increasingly seeking out green homes since efficient design results in cost savings as less electricity and water are used. Other stakeholders such as investors are also aware of the need to sparingly use resources and green buildings, therefore, giving an additional incentive to these environmentally conscious buyers.

Greater awareness and change in attitudes toward green buildings are some of the reasons the International Finance Corporation (IFC) introduced the internationally recognized green building certification system that certifies resource efficiency and Zero Carbon buildings worldwide dubbed EDGE. EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a measurable and credible green building solution present in over 140 countries that determines the resource efficiency of a project by providing a quantitative approach to sustainability.

Locally, Mi Vida at Garden City, a mixed-use project by Mi Vida Homes, located along the Thika Superhighway is one such IFC EDGE Certified development. The development boasts of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments at Garden City along Thika Superhighway.

The mixed-use residence provides urban green living, and its design choices are in alignment with the developer’s key objectives in setting out to create green and sustainable developments.

The projected savings in energy and water billings provide more cost-effective living through the sustainable innovation and environmental excellence standards as adhered to by Mi Vida.

This worthwhile investment is reinstating Kenya’s confidence in the real estate sector not only due to its adherence to environmentally friendly building standards but also due to its off-plan investment strategy that has fulfilled the company’s promise to its investors and residents by handing over the units as scheduled.

Mi Vida Homes is reshaping the real estate sector in Nairobi and with plans to build more affordable housing, the company continues to reshape the Kenyan architectural landscape to be as accessible and affordable for homeowners at any stage while pioneering thought leadership through its sustainable building solutions that contribute towards greater positive environmental impact.

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