How Paymentology Will Simplify Expenses For Kenyan Corporates

by Business Watch Team
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Paymentology, the leading global issuer-processor, today announces its partnership with Kenyan Technology Company, Boya.

Together with Kenyan Tier 1 Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, and Paymentology, which connects Boya to Visa through its card issuing platform and provides enhanced data analytics capabilities support, Boya has recently launched its virtual expense card.

Founded in 2021, The Boya platform is a cloud-based expense management solution that streamlines the entire process for businesses. It offers easy expense tracking through mobile and web applications with customizable categories and automatic transaction recording. Approval workflows can be tailored to organizational structures, allowing smooth reviews and approvals.

The solution provides powerful reporting capabilities, generating reports for better financial insights and decision-making. Integration with popular accounting software eliminates manual data entry and ensures adherence to company guidelines and regulations.

Additionally, the mobile app allows employees to manage expenses and track approvals conveniently from iOS and Android devices. Overall, Boya simplifies expense management, enhances financial visibility, and promotes cost savings for businesses. 

Commenting on the launch, Alphas Sinja, Chief Executive Officer at Boya, said: “Boya has streamlined and revolutionized expense tracking and reporting for businesses of all sizes in Kenya, and is empowering businesses to make smarter business payment decisions. Thanks to our issuer processing partner, Paymentology, Boya has access to a fast and scalable infrastructure solution that has enabled the smooth launch of our virtual Visa expense card. We look forward to the future of the partnership and together empowering organizations to make better business spending decisions.”

Kirsten Wortmann, Regional Director for Africa at Paymentology said: “In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, thriving in business demands agility at every level. As Boya’s strategic issuer processing partner, we take immense pride in supporting their new Visa virtual card, acknowledging the growing importance of efficient financial tools for businesses in Kenya. With our innovative solutions and deep expertise, Boya’s customers can be confident that their expenses are seamlessly handled, enabling business owners to focus on other vital aspects of their organization.”

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