How to locate Stima Sacco’s Agency Banking Online

by Business Watch Team
Stima Sacco

There has been some frenzy about Kenya’s fastest-growing Sacco, Stima Sacco in the past few days. A section of customers could not access some services online with some speculations causing panic among customers not knowing what was happening.

Stima Sacco came out and explained that their systems had experienced increased traffic from customers, especially after the declaration of the dividends causing their systems to slow down. It however assured members that everything was intact.

A check by Business Watch Media with the Sacco Management, and interaction with some of Stima Sacco’s systems has revealed that Stima Sacco’s USSD is working without any hitch and that members can transact without any problem. The USSD code is *489#.

Our team also found out that Stima Sacco’s agency banking, known as Mlangoni Agents is available and open. This means that any customer can walk to them and get served and carry out any transactions that they may need without any delays.

Stima Sacco has also made it easy for members to locate any of their agents online. Here is the link that will help you make this possible. Just click on it and you will be there

What is more, members can transact at all Visa-branded ATMs. From our findings today, there is no cause for alarm for those who have invested with Stima Sacco. Ignore those causing panic for most of them do not even have an account with Stima Sacco.

Stima Sacco approved the payment of a first and final dividend of 15 percent on share capital to its members for the financial year ending December 31, 2022. in an announcement that was made during the Annual General meeting.

Stima Sacco members will also get interest rebate deposits at the rate of 11 percent for the period under review. The distribution brings the total payout to 3.56 billion shillings in 2022 an increase from  2.99 billion shillings in 2021.

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