How To Open An Account Using UBA Leo

by Business Watch Team

Imagine sitting somewhere within your house and being able to open a bank account through your Instagram account, Facebook account, or via WhatsApp without making calls or presenting yourself physically to a bank to do so.

The Kenyan banking sector has evolved. Initially, everything was done within banking halls from opening an account to checking of bank balances. With technology, everything is within one’s palm. Having a mobile phone is like walking with a whole bank in your pocket.

Talking of an evolved banking system and people banking via social media, one bank has set the bar too high for others to ever reach them. This is UBA Bank Kenya. For the new visitors in Jerusalem, UBA Bank Kenya became the first bank in Kenya, and still the only one where one can transact and bank with them using their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

After a successful rollout of the only Instagram Banking in Kenya, UBA Bank Kenya has now made it possible for one to open a bank account via their Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, or WhatsApp without any trouble. The process takes less than 5 minutes, it is seamless, fast, and convenient.

How do you open your bank account with UBA Bank Kenya using Instagram:

For Instagram, you will need to follow the UBA Bank Kenya verified Instagram account. CLICK HERE to follow them. Once you follow the account, send them a message saying “Hi”. Immediately, you will receive prompt messages and instructions that you will follow to open and set up your bank account.

If you already have a bank account with UBA Bank Kenya, the process is even simple. Need to do, upon following the official UBA Bank Kenya Instagram account, you will send them a message “Hi” and then prompts will be sent for you to link your account and start transacting.

If you would like to set up an account with UBA Bank Kenya using your Facebook account, the process is the same as the one for Instagram. CLICK HERE to access the Facebook account.

For WhatsApp, the process is even simpler. First, save this number 0799 919 000 in your contacts. Name it UBA Kenya for ease of remembrance. Refresh your WhatsApp contacts then send them a message with the term “Hi”. Prompts will be sent for you to follow.

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