How To Take Advantage Of Black Friday And Save Up To Ksh 25,000

by Business Watch Team

The month of November is often referred to as the “Black Friday” month. Some just call it The Black November. It is the only month in a year that most products, especially those that will break the bank to purchase, are on huge discounts, in most cases electronics.

Running from November 1 to November 30, Black Friday is the only avenue through which customers get to enjoy great discounts from manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. Most Kenyans call it “the month of harvesting” because of the crazy discounts and offers.

Picture this: There is that television set that you have always wanted. You see it with your neighbors and friends. You know you need it. Sometimes you see your kids need it. Then out of the blue, a great brand like LG tells you that they will sell it to you at 25,000 shillings less. Would you let such an opportunity slip?

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Talking of electronics and discounts, LG Electronics will shock you with their offers this month. Throughout this month, customers are enjoying discounts ranging from Ksh.3,000 to KSh.25,000 on a diverse selection of LG items. This includes its line of TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and sound systems.

These crazy discounts from LG have also been extended to those who visit its Brand shops, run in partnership with accredited distributors Opalnet, Hotpoint, and retail partners across the country.

To benefit from these crazy discounts and offers from LG is easy. You can either visit their designated shops and partners physically or purchase whatever you need online. Here is an ONLINE LINK that will give you everything you need from them.

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