If You Must Marry, Marry The Following 10 People

by Business Watch Team

Life is too short to waste it with the wrong person. If you are already in marriage, hold onto it, if you aren’t, then this story is for you. Marry the following 10 people:

Number one: Marry someone who understands the scarcity of money. Money is magical and its magic lies in its scarcity. Someone who understands the scarcity of money will treat it with the respect it deserves, hence lasting longer in his/her hands.

Number two: Marry someone who will take care of your kids when you are finally gone. Marry someone who is responsible, knows the values of family, and is ready to make sacrifices for the sake of family.

Number three: Marry someone who values reality more than the gratification of social media. Never marry someone who runs into depression when his/her posts fail to get “enough likes” on any of the social media platforms.

Number four: Marry someone who will clap as you win. Someone who will be proud to see you scale up the ladder. Someone who will encourage you to pursue your dreams and build your career. Someone who knows what you need.

Number five: Marry someone you will be happy to run home to every evening. Someone you will miss during the day and want to rush to them at the end of the day. Not someone you would rather pass by the bar before heading home.

Number six: Marry someone who is proud to be around you. Don’t marry someone who feels ashamed to have you in public but wants to show all the “caring and loving” in private. Have someone who will say, “This is my person, with whom I am proud to have.”

Number seven: Marry someone who knows how to invest. Someone who will grow any small business that you might have. Marry someone who knows that money multiplies in the hands of someone who knows how to make them “give birth”

Number eight: Marry someone who is easy and cracks jokes around you. Do not marry someone who is complicated, someone you cannot tell whether they are happy or sad, relaxed or about to commit murder. Marry someone whose moods you can read.

Number nine: Marry someone with less baggage from the past. There are people who carry their past pieces of baggage everywhere they go. They look miserable and if you overlook it, you may drown in their misery.

Number ten: Marry someone who wants to get married. There are those who marry because of needs, some because of kids, and some, to fulfill certain desires. Do not just marry because you want to, first find out if the other person is in it too.

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