Introducing The LG NanoCell TV Technology To Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Television technology is advancing exponentially and faster than we can cope. The past few years saw the introduction of various technologies including the High Dynamic Range (HDR), 4K, and 8K technology; and today, we have other innovations like the world-class LG NanoCell technology.

So, what is this technology and why is it such a big deal? What difference does it bring in terms of the movie, gaming, or TV watching experience? Here is all you need to know.

What is NanoCell TV?

The most widely used form of TV technology is LCD, and despite being the biggest player in OLED TVs, LG Electronics is also making a statement in the LCD space.

Its latest range of premium TVs features what is known as NanoCell technology, which has elevated the industry standards on the resolution of televisions.

The technology is patented by LG, which means you cannot find it in any other televisions and it incorporates the best advances in picture quality, design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and gaming experience not to mention the support for next-generation standards that making your TV watching experience insane.

LG’s NanoCell TVs use extremely tiny particles (nanoparticles) to enhance the picture quality delivered by the LCD screen. Through these nanoparticles, light is filtered in undesirable colors to output a rich and incredibly beautiful picture quality, which is as exactly as the creator intended.

How does LG’s NanoCell technology work?

The NanoCell technology makes use of particles the size of one nanometre, as highlighted above, to give a picture with an output of the best quality there is. These particles absorb unnecessary light waves while filtering out colors to deliver beautiful reds, blues, and greens, that are unadulterated by yellow and orange or other ‘wrong’ colors.

LG’s NanoCell technology guarantees that the resolution of your screen, regardless of whether it is a 4K TV  or an 8K TV, correctly reflects the pixel density, which affects image reproduction.

For instance, 8K resolutions are four times better than 4K resolutions. This is because the former converges more tiny particles into your screen to deliver more realistic images. Nevertheless, there is a catch here, to achieve a sense of realism for the resolution, every pixel must have a separate and distinct effect on the image you see.

This distinction is what differentiates how an image is rendered and how extremely detailed it can get. Well, according to LG Electronics, it is not just the number of pixels that create a resolution, which is why the image you see on LG’s NanoCell TV is a real image that is not affected by fading colors that cause instability often experienced in most conventional TV sets.

Why Consider LG’s NanoCell TVs?

The undisputable advantage of having an LG NanoCell TV is the picture quality. You get to enjoy a viewing experience with ultra-pure images. The images are crisp, sharp, and vivid at all times.

What you will also notice with NanoCell technology is that from whichever angle you are watching your TV from, color does not become distorted. It offers wide watching angles of up to 178 degrees, which is good news for you and your family as they can enjoy watching a movie or TV programs from wherever they are seated.

There is more to LG’s NanoCell technology than meets the eye. It allows for TV sets to have a sleek design featuring an attention to detail. Combine that with LG’s ThinQ AI, WebOS platform, Dolby technology, and command control and you will have the best TV in 2020 with amazing video and audio experience.

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