Is King Charles And His Wife Bringing Any Economic Value To Kenya?

by Business Watch Team
King Charles

Millions of Kenyans are excited. Why? The Royal Family is in town. King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla landed in Nairobi on Monday night for an official visit to Kenya.

Some politicians have been saying that the visit holds some immense economic value for Kenya and that the King has come packed with goodies for Kenya from the United Kingdom.

Well, to start with, King Charles is coming with nothing. He is ceremonial and he does not enter into trade agreements with other States. So, those banking on trade agreements are in for a rude shock.

Second, the government of the United Kingdom is led by the Prime Minister. In signing trade agreements, the Prime Minister carries more weight than the King. So, if our politicians are expecting any signings for the camera, they will be shocked.

The government has also said that his coming will increase Kenya’s revenue from tourism. This is partly true. Of course he is a man who carries his own weight and his visit has put Kenya on the man.

The British mainstream media are pitching camp in Kenya, following every move that the King and his wife will be making. That amplification will put Kenya on the global map as a destination.

Given that he will visit places such as the Nairobi National Park, such places will also be bolstered to the global map and many visitors might want to visit them too. Beyond that, there is nothing tangible that will come out of this visit.

Banking on a King from another country to come and give us an economic awakening is just sick and hopeless. We need to put our country in order and this starts with having leaders who at least have a functioning brain.

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