Is realme C30s Worth The Hype?

by Business Watch Team

In the past week, there has been hype about the launch of realme C30s. Within Nairobi’s CBD, it was all painted yellow as the caravan penetrated through with pomp and color. But, is it worth it?

Let us start with affordability. Given the current economic situation, the affordability of a product comes ahead of everything without compromising quality. realme C30s goes for 10,699 shillings for the  2GB+32GB model and 13,599 shillings for the 4GB+64GB. Compared to other peers, this is a great and friendly price.

How about the battery? It is massive. A 5000mAh massive battery that lasts longer has capable of keeping your phone on for a long in the event of a prolonged blackout or when you are on the move to places with minimum access to electricity.

You don’t need a phone that is always plugged into the Power bank like a sick person on a life-supporting machine. The massive 5000 mAh battery with Ultra-Save mode offers long-lasting hours of entertainment on realme C30s is what you need.

The phone also comes with a side-fingerprint sensor. The feature makes it possible to open one’s phone in a mere 0.58 sec and is well-equipped to secure one’s private information, providing an enhanced safety unlock method.

The fingerprint recognition algorithm on the realme C30s is more powerful, ensuring higher accuracy even though the fingerprint sensing area is only 8mm*1.6mm. At a time data privacy is a talk and concern globally, the couldn’t have come at the right time.

Moreover, users of realme C30s will get an 8MP AI rear camera through which they can capture their picture-perfect moments. It also houses a 5MP selfie camera to help you capture the best moments you spend with your loved ones.

So, is the smartphone worth the hype? Yes. It is worth the hype. Go for it.

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