It Is Possible To Achieve A Gender-Equal World

by Business Watch Team

Across the globe, the narrative of women’s financial dependency on male relatives, be it fathers, brothers, or husbands, has historically constrained their autonomy. This dependency has not only limited women’s ability to shape their destinies but also stifled their voices, desires, and aspirations.

As we come to the end of International Women’s Month, it’s crucial to spotlight Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, which emphasizes the empowerment of women and girls. Recognizing that empowering a woman is akin to investing in the broader society, we must rally behind initiatives that enable women to amplify their voices, paving the path toward a gender-equal world.

Education emerges as a formidable tool in empowering women, equipping them to realize their potential and contribute meaningfully to societal advancement. Beyond providing access to knowledge, education fosters confidence and offers an escape from historical financial dependencies. However, empowerment extends beyond traditional academic settings. Vocational training and digital literacy programs are equally pivotal, offering alternative paths for women to secure financial independence and engage in diverse professional fields.

Access to healthcare is fundamental in promoting gender equality. Addressing women’s unique health needs, including preventative screenings and reproductive health, not only fosters healthier lives but also healthier communities. Yet, universal access to medical care transcends health—it’s a step toward gender equality. Innovative healthcare solutions, such as telemedicine and community health programs, can play a transformative role, offering accessible and affordable care to women in remote or underserved areas.

Jubilee Health Insurance, recognizing this critical need, has been at the forefront of championing accessible healthcare. In partnership with Aga Khan University Hospital, Jubilee has initiated programs like Afya Mashinani, providing free medical services to underserved communities. These initiatives underscore the transformative power of healthcare access, showcasing how strategic partnerships can significantly contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.

Economic Opportunities and Legal Protections

Empowering women also means creating economic opportunities that enable them to be financially independent and self-sufficient. Initiatives such as vocational and entrepreneurship training, and mentorship programs have shown promising results in various parts of the world. Strengthening legal protections against discrimination and violence is paramount, with laws and policies supporting equal pay, maternity leave, and protection from domestic violence critical in leveling the playing field.

According to UN Women, women’s participation in the labor force contributes significantly to poverty reduction and economic stability. In countries where women have equal access to employment opportunities, GDP growth rates are significantly higher compared to countries with gender disparities in the workforce. For example, research indicates that closing the gender gap in labor force participation could add trillions of dollars to global GDP. This underscores the economic imperative of empowering women and ensuring their equal participation in the workforce.

The journey toward gender equality is a collective endeavor. The efforts of Jubilee Health Insurance in healthcare, alongside other community health initiatives, demonstrate the power of collaboration between nonprofits, governmental agencies, and the private sector in advancing women’s health and empowerment.

As we celebrate the achievements and progress toward gender equality, let us also acknowledge the work that lies ahead. By investing in education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and legal protections, and by embracing the diverse stories of women’s empowerment across the globe, we can dismantle the systemic barriers that have historically silenced women. Let us embrace empowerment not just as a goal for women but as a foundational pillar for a resilient, inclusive, and equitable society. Through initiatives like those championed by Jubilee Health Insurance and stories of empowerment worldwide, we are reminded of the significant impact that dedicated efforts can have on creating a more gender-equal world, and equitable society.

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By Njeri Jomo

CEO and Principal Officer

Jubilee Health Insurance Limited

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