Jambojet Fully Automates Its Cargo Fulfilment Process

by Business Watch Team

Regional low-cost airline, Jambojet has fully automated its cargo management process after acquiring Cargo Flash’s Octogen Cargo Management System (CMS). The integration covers Customer Management, Cargo booking & Rating, Schedule Management, Stock Management, Tracking, AWB validation, customer billing & Non-CASS Invoices, to name a few.

Jambojet launched Cargo Operations in January 2022, with a capacity of over 1.2 tonnes per flight across its network, to address the growing need for the movement of goods in the region. They offer various products such as the transportation of Fresh produce, Live tropical fish, Pharmaceuticals, Express cargo, Repatriation, and General cargo.

“The integration with Cargo Flash will increase our efficiencies in service delivery to our customers and lower the cost of operations. Furthermore, this integration will make it easier for the customers to book, pay and track their cargo, and widen our network with airline interlining,” said Mr. Karanja Ndegwa, Jambojet Managing Director & CEO.

Mr. Karanja added that the efficiencies will result in savings of up to 50% in cargo pricing that customers will enjoy. Previously, freight charges for goods between Nairobi to other domestic routes weighing 45KGs would cost 45 US Dollars, and the same weight of goods will now cost 15 US Dollars. Goods weighing 100KGs previously cost 60 US Dollars, will now be charged 38 US Dollars. This is exclusive of 3rd party handling charges. Furthermore, Jambojet will charge Ksh 700 for parcels up to 2KGs.

Those sending cargo to Goma from Nairobi will also enjoy lower rates. Cargo weighing 100KGs will be charged 2.10 US Dollars per KG, which previously cost 2.26 US Dollars per KG. Goods weighing 250KGs will be charged at 2.05 US Dollars, while previously cost 2.10 US Dollars.

Jambojet, which recently launched Jambojet Rewards, a loyalty program, flies 11 routes; 7 from its primary hub in Nairobi to Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi, Diani, Lamu and Goma (DRC), and 4 from its secondary hub in Mombasa to Kisumu, Nairobi, Eldoret, and Lamu. Jambojet also offers bespoke charter services across the region.

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