Jambojet Kicks Off Flying From Mombasa To Zanzibar

by Business Watch Team

Jambojet, Africa’s leading low-cost airline, has announced a new route from Mombasa to Zanzibar, set to commence operations in July 2024.

The Mombasa – Zanzibar route comes with the advent of Jambojet realizing 56% market share in the domestic market, affirming its commitment to continuously providing reliable and affordable travel across key destinations.

Speaking at the ongoing Magical Kenya and East African Region Tourism Expo, Jambojet Chairman, Mr. Vincent Rague, said, “The Mombasa – Zanzibar route is not just a flight route but a bridge that cements the cultural heritage between our people, but also connects the beautiful coasts of Kenya and Zanzibar. With its rich history, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, the two destinations are gems within the Indian Ocean, and we are delighted to bring these breathtaking destinations closer to you.”

Tourism is a significant sector in the EAC region’s economies. The sector contributes about 17% to export earnings, and its contribution to GDP is quite substantial, averaging around 10%. It generates about 7% of employment in the region.

The EAC Tourism Marketing Strategy aims to position the region as Africa’s leading sustainable tourism destination. The strategy has set 5 key objectives, among them, developing competitive multi-destination tourism products, branding East Africa as a single tourism destination, and positioning and marketing EAC as a leading regional tourism destination in Africa.

Speaking at the same event, Mr Karanja Ndegwa, Jambojet MD & CEO said “As Africa’s leading low-cost airline, we take pride in being part and parcel of the ever-growing tourism sector by adapting to market dynamics but driven mainly by consumer needs and insights. Multi-destination travel is only possible with reliable, affordable, and accessible connectivity. This is the role Jambojet seeks to play as we expand our network, evident in the new route Mombasa – Zanzibar.”

Jambojet flies to 7 destinations from its primary hub in Nairobi – Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi, Ukunda (Diani), Lamu, and Goma in Eastern DRC. It also operates two routes from its secondary hub in Mombasa to Kisumu and Eldoret. Jambojet was named Africa’s Leading Low-Cost Airline at the World Travel Awards and has flown over 6 million passengers since its inception, affirming its position as the preferred airline of choice for travelers in East Africa.

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