Java House Opens Its 86Th Outlet In Kenya With A New Branch In Meru

by Business Watch Team

Java House has launched its first branch in Meru County, signaling the growing influence of the region as an investment, tourism, and business destination. The new outlet, located at the Greenwood City Mall, becomes Java’s 86th in the ongoing ambitious expansion plan that seeks to continue bringing the Java experience closer to more of its customers.

Guests can expect the full Java experience, including Java hospitality and amazing meal options that cater to all, making them feel at home away from home. We will serve the entire Java menu, including Java signature meals, monthly specials, kids’ meals, and sharing meal options. Our great atmosphere will also provide our guests with a convenient location to connect for business or pleasure. We will also have retail items such as coffee packs, cookies, granola, and cold brew coffee, all of which allow you to “carry the JavaLove Home.”

Speaking about the development, Java House CEO Priscilla Gathungu stated that the Meru expansion is consistent with the company’s overall strategy of targeting strategic locations throughout the country and region.

“We have been very intentional about listening to our customers about what they want us to be and where they want us to be, and our presence in Meru is part of that commitment. We are inspired by the level of appreciation and response we have received from all our customers in the last few days, and our assurance to them is that we will continue to provide outstanding casual dining experiences while also providing a place for our customers to host quick meetings and networking opportunities,” said Gathungu.

Meru County’s growing population creates potential demand for dining options, making it an appealing market for a new restaurant. The county is also known for its proximity to national parks such as Meru National Park and Lewa Wildlife Sanctuary, with locals and tourists looking for dining options and restaurants that meet their needs, including international dishes and fusion cuisine.

While welcoming the new outlet to Meru, Jane Nkatha, a director at Greenwood City Mall said: “The unique features of Meru region are its richness in agriculture which makes the county to be one of the few richest counties in Kenya. With the people of Meru being very hardworking, we needed a place to enjoy our hard-earned resources. Java has remembered us.”

The Meru branch is second in the larger upper Mount Kenya region, with the other nearby outlet in Nanyuki. Across the country, other branches are located in towns such as Nakuru, Naivasha, Kericho, Machakos, Kisumu, and Mombasa.

From a broader economic standpoint, one of Java’s most commendable features is the emphasis on training and nurturing talent in the hospitality industry. Java not only provides employment opportunities but also equips individuals with valuable skills and knowledge by training baristas, chefs, and hospitality staff.

“For many people, this commitment to professional development can lead to career advancement and personal empowerment. Furthermore, our commitment to working closely with suppliers and partners will result in stronger relationships, better sourcing options, and the potential for mutual growth,” Gathungu adds.

Since its inception in Nairobi in 1999, Java has expanded to serve a loyal customer base throughout East Africa, supported by three additional sister brands, Kukito, Planet Yoghurt, and 360 Degrees Pizza.

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