Kenya Airways Shuts Down Offices In Kisumu And Johannesburg

by Business Watch Team

Kenya Airways has shut down offices in Kisumu (Kenya) and Johannesburg (South Africa) over the planned “National Shutdown” demonstrations set for Monday.

Kisumu has been experiencing demonstrations throughout the week in what demonstrators have been called “warm-up” as they move towards D-Day, Monday.

Here is the statement from Kenya Airways:

Kenya Airways

In a statement, Kenya Airways has indicated that all other offices within its network will remain operational and serve the customers.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has planned for nationwide demos that will culminate in a “walk to Statehouse to claim our victory.”

For Nairobi, Raila Odinga says the demonstrations will start at Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC), and march to Statehouse.

The police have already declared the protests illegal and have vowed to deal with them firmly in what is likely to result in a bloodbath.

In South Africa, Julius Malema has also announced a nationwide demonstration across the country. Malema, known for his hard-line beliefs and sometimes ruthlessness has vowed to bring the whole of South Africa to a standstill.

Demonstrations have also been planned for Tunisia and Nigeria. In all countries, the police have been poured into the streets to “maintain law and order.”

Only time will tell what will happen on Monday.

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