Kenya Orient Life Assurance Upscales The Financial Skillsets

by Business Watch Team

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited has set out to upscale the financial skillsets of its agency managers by empowering them with the book Wallet Words.

Wallet Words by author and financial coach Wahome Ngari is a practical guide to managing personal finances for financial fitness. The life assurance provider through the book aims to empower their agency managers with knowledge and skills that will help them offer viable solutions to their respective sales agents and clients while diligently managing their finances and investments.

“Our mission as a life assurance provider has been to provide relevant lifetime financial solutions to our customers. For us to achieve this, we are cognizant that our services and products have to continually evolve to meet the needs and expectations of our customers,” said Kenya Orient Life Assurance General Manager Jackson Muli.

Agency managers are tasked with providing clients with financial advice on life assurance products and also ensuring that the relevant policies and guidelines are upheld, customer satisfaction is achieved and critical business targets are met.

“Our agency managers are critical to us because they interact with clients and sales agents every day. By empowering them with the knowledge from this book we are reaffirming our commitment to advancing the financial skillsets of our staff and in turn, growing with our customers by making their life our priority,” he concluded.

The captivating, enriching, and empowering book on matters of money and personal finance focuses on seven key chapters. The seven chapters are on money being a mindset, the financial journey of life, taking charge of the money, delving into personal financial planning, effective income management, and understanding taxes, and credit management.

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