Kenya Revenue Authority To Launch Own TV

by Business Watch Team

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is set to launch its own TV on Monday, October 3. The television will be “web-based” and will be known as KRA TV.

“This is aimed at enhancing voluntary tax compliance and propelling the tax base in the country,” said KRA deputy commissioner, marketing and communication Grace Wandera.

The new TV will be hosted on the KRA website and will only air tax-based content including compliance, remittances, and penalties. This will most likely be the most boring TV station in Kenya to ever be launched.

The TV will include scheduled: live programming of tax awareness activities like tax talks, tax Thursdays, story za Ushuru and other education programs.

The TV will also air a wide range of simplified and downloadable content for various taxpayers categories among the many other programs.

The new announcement comes a few days after President William Ruto announced that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will change its name to Kenya Revenue Services (KRS) in a reform process that will see it become more appealing.

Those in favor of the change of the name say that the term “Authority” makes many Kenyans “afraid” of the “Authority” and that the term “Services” will make it “more friendly.” The things that happen in Kenya are out of this world.

In the coming months and years, KRA or KRS is going to be under pressure from the new government to collect as much as taxes as possible given that the new administration has already declared that the “country is broke and the coffers are empty.”

Already the President has said that his government is working on changing the tax systems so that in the future, KRA will start taxing wealth as opposed to taxing trade. This means the government is planning to tax the rich more, a move that might backfire according to tax experts.

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