Kenya To Export Teachers To Germany To Teach English

by Business Watch Team

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has revealed that it is in talks with the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs among other stakeholders to secure employment for Kenyan teachers abroad. This will include sending thousands of teachers to Germany to teach English.

TSC Director Legal Calvin Anyuor has stated that Kenya has a surplus of teachers and securing an opportunity abroad for them will be a good move even as the employer works on making sure that thousands of teachers get employment opportunities locally.

‘We have started engaging key stakeholders to export the teaching resource because we have a surplus of teachers in the country. We are engaging the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other relevant government agencies so that our teachers can go and teach English in Germany,” Anyuor said.

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Calvin added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to secure the market in various countries for the teachers in the country. This comes as a relief for thousands of teachers who are yet to secure employment from TSC. The Commission’s big role will be to ensure teachers coming out of various training colleges have the right quality of education.

“The question is, what is the quality of the teacher you are exporting to Germany? Once he lands in Germany, is he able to deliver in a manner that can withstand the rigors of education in the world?” Anyuor posed. “When it comes to teaching, the stakeholders want extremely low grades, but when it comes to Medicine or Law the grades are high and no one is complaining. So, you want the quality of the teacher to be low but you want this teacher to produce an engineer or a pilot,” he added.

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