Kenyan Subsidiary Inks Kshs 450M Deal To Enable Connectivity In DRC

by Business Watch Team

IntelliMedia Networks Africa, a Kenyan subsidiary of the global US telecoms giant IntelliMedia Networks, Inc. has announced a US$ 3 million partnership deal (Kshs  450M) with Matic Enterprises a Congolese Conglomerate to deliver last-mile connectivity solutions to households across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The strategic alliance is set to enable millions to harness the benefits of enhanced connectivity services, marking a new era in the African telecommunications landscape. The partnership draws strength from IntelliMedia Networks Africa’s avant-garde private cellular network solution.

Designed for swift deployment, the solution promises to be a game-changer, significantly reducing the cost and deployment timeframe typically associated with fiber optics.

“Our solutions are not just about technology; they are about crafting brighter horizons for every household, every student, and every dreamer,” said Ms. Jane Nawezi, CEO of IntelliMedia Networks Africa.

According to the directors of the three firms, DRC citizens, the benefits of the enhanced connectivity are manifold. They will include bolstering education and healthcare infrastructure, fostering financial inclusion, vocational training, and much more. “The digital transformation is poised to address the burgeoning needs of the African populace, propelling the continent into a future brimming with possibilities” the two firms announced in a press release.

Highlighting the urgency of the mission, Mr. Alpha Eragy, CEO of Matic Enterprises, stated, “In today’s digital age, waiting years to bridge the connectivity gap isn’t an option. We’re stepping up to make a difference now, ensuring every Congolese has access to the digital tools they need to thrive.”

Mr. Alex Chesosi Chairman of Intellimedia Networks Africa chimed in, emphasizing the critical role of collaboration, “The harmonious synergy of government and the private sector is instrumental in surmounting connectivity challenges in Africa. Kenya stands proud as a beacon, rapidly emerging as a hub of innovation and actionable business solutions, setting the pace for the rest of the continent.”

Reinforcing this sentiment, Teodros Gessesse, Group CEO and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks, Inc., remarked, “Utilizing cutting-edge technology to make connectivity a commonplace in Africa is more than just an ambition; it’s a commitment. By integrating centrally managed training and content distribution, we’re not only enhancing connectivity but fundamentally transforming lives. This robust partnership between American and Kenyan businesses exemplifies our shared dedication to confronting challenges head-on, ensuring that our approach is not just innovative but scalable and sustainable for the betterment of every African.”

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