Kenyan Teachers Can Now Be Airlifted And Treated Outside The Country

by Business Watch Team

Pursuing comprehensive and specialized medical treatment in the dynamic healthcare landscape often extends beyond local horizons.

That’s why The Teachers Medical Scheme has paved the way for teachers to explore the world of international medical treatment and travel—an innovative provision that breaks free from traditional healthcare boundaries.

In specific medical scenarios, local resources may fall short of providing the specialized care that a patient requires. This is where the concept of overseas treatment comes into play. Individuals covered by this provision can seek medical care beyond their borders if advised by a medical practitioner and approved by the Ministry of Health.

This overseas treatment provision comes with a financial safety net. The coverage extends up to Ksh. 2,000,000.00, ensuring that individuals can access the medical care they need without being burdened by excessive costs. This financial support covers medical expenses and includes a provision of Kshs—200,000 for air tickets and accommodation for a caregiver.

This coverage operates over and above the regular inpatient limits specified for members and their accompanying caregivers. It is designed to bridge the gap between local healthcare resources and the need for specialized, high-quality medical care that may be available in another country.

The decision to seek international treatment is not taken lightly. Authorization must be granted for the member to travel to another country for specialized treatment. This may be due to the unavailability of specific treatments locally or a referral for better quality medical care. The process involves the recommendation of a medical doctor and approval by the Director of Medical Services.

This provision opens up the possibility of seeking medical care in various countries. The scope includes countries within East Africa, South Africa, India, and any other international destination as recommended by a medical doctor and approved by the Director of Medical Services.

International treatment and travel represent a paradigm shift in healthcare. It empowers patients by offering access to a broader spectrum of medical expertise and resources. The provision acknowledges that quality medical care may sometimes require crossing borders, ensuring that individuals receive the best treatment for their unique health needs.

As healthcare evolves, providing international treatment and travel is a beacon of hope for those seeking specialized care. It reinforces the commitment to holistic healthcare, where the well-being of individuals goes beyond borders.

In a world where medical advancements are global, this provision is a testament to the commitment to providing the best possible care to every individual, wherever that care may be found.

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