Kenyans Are Eating More Sushi Than Any Other

by Business Watch Team

From spicy maki rolls to skillfully sliced sashimi, sushi is an evolving favorite for Kenyans looking for a delicious takeaway alongside the typical chicken, burger, pizza, and African cuisine meals.

According to the latest data from Uber Eats, the healthy and traditional cuisine of Japan has earned a spot among Kenyans’ top meals, with Salmon Sushi named as the country’s favorite.

This International Sushi Day, Uber Eats has taken a closer look at our sushi preferences, revealing the top-ranked sushi and sashimi. It seems that Kenyans have a taste for salmon, as the top three dishes include Salmon Sashimi and Salmon Futomaki. Paired with these mains, the popular side orders are maki, sashimi, and tuna – a true celebration of fish.

Kui Mbugua, UberEats Kenya’s General Manager, says, “Sushi remains a popular delivery option for those who are looking for healthy options to satisfy their international cuisine cravings alongside their daily or regular local options that they order on the app.”

Uber Eats continues to unlock opportunities for its customers and deliver their cravings by working with restaurants and merchants throughout various cities in Kenya. In the past five years, the number of partners signing up for Uber Eats continues to grow, offering customers a platform to satisfy their varied and sophisticated palates.

Customers in Nairobi are welcome to place orders with some of the most popular spots for sushi including Furusato, Shokudo, Ocean Basket, The Phoenician, and INTI with several new businesses opening up over the past year.

“Over the past few years, we have really seen Japanese cuisine take off and we are excited to continue growing the range of cuisines that customers can select from the app,” Kui added.

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