Kenyans Urged To Plant Trees To Mitigate Changing Climate

by Business Watch Team

Kenyans have been urged to double efforts in tree planting in a bid to mitigate the current effects of climate change.This was said by Zellipah Githui Founder and Director of Gitzell FairTrade International.

Gitzell FairTrade is a Pan-African organization working with artisans across Africa. She observed that the increasing heat and recurrent droughts in the country are some of the indicators of the change in the climate.

“Kenya’s agriculture sector is susceptible to these climate changes and extreme weather events. Planting of trees is one way of helping save the sector and will boost food security,” said Githuli, adding that it’s time for Kenyans to walk the talk and take action to diminish these effects.

Githui spoke while leading a group of Nairobi-based artisans who are in partnership with Gitzell Fairtrade International, in a tree planting exercise at Thirime Primary School in Kiambu County. The exercise was undertaken in conjunction with Miti Alliance, a social enterprise whose focus is to plant and grow trees in schools.

“We are partnering with the Artisans to Cultivate Environmental Stewardship. This is to ensure that resources are not depleted and there is the sustainability of the raw materials that are used by the artisans. As craftsmanship is an art passed from generation to generation, we want to train on replenishing natural resources like trees.” Githui added.

The group planted over 100 indigenous trees which will also act as an educative tool for the students as well to know their scientific, English, and vernacular names, as well as uses.

“Through working with schools, Miti Alliance is nurturing the next generation of environmentally conscious individuals that will always be aware of the effect of their actions on the environment. We have so far worked with 200 schools countrywide planting over 200,000 trees,” said Michael Ng’ang’a, Founder & CEO of Miti Alliance.

In closing, Githui noted that there has been increased outcry by farmers about July weather switching to August and the delayed October rains but noted that few are talking about the solutions to these changes emphasizing that “Gitzell Fairtrade is committed to striking a balance between Artisans prosperity and environmental awareness.”

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