Kenya’s Drama, Siri, Takes Over Netflix By Storm

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AL IS ON Production, an esteemed powerhouse in cinematic excellence proudly introduces its crowning Siri Drama Series to the world stage.

The captivating and beloved “Siri Drama Series,” spanning four enthralling seasons, now graces Netflix screens. Its mesmerizing first and second seasons debuted on November 17th, 2023, captivating audiences worldwide.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Majani Tea Estate in Kenya, the “Siri Drama Series” intricately weaves the lives of its characters, uncovering the realities and shared moments of joy among estate owners and diligent workers. From life’s trials to the beauty in shared happiness, this series promises an emotional rollercoaster that resonates deeply with the human experience.

AL IS ON Production, celebrated for over 15 years of cinematic brilliance, leads the helm of this production. The company’s illustrious history boasts prestigious awards and a legacy of creating impactful content that drives societal change. Beyond entertainment, they pioneer behavior change campaigns and awareness initiatives that reverberate across communities.

CEO and Producer Alison Ngibuini expresses her excitement, heralding an unparalleled journey for viewers. “This is a show of a lifetime, a wave of nostalgia,” she shares passionately, hinting at a potential collaboration with Netflix for “Siri Season 5” in 2024.

The Kenya-based production house has left an indelible mark with past blockbusters like “Shuga,” “Africa University Challenge,” and “Mali,” captivating audiences across African broadcasting platforms. AL IS ON Production’s reputation for crafting meaningful, relevant, and impactful content underscores its dedication to inspiring audiences globally.

In their own words, “We are creative disrupters and doers, passionate about PEOPLE and STORYTELLING, transparent in what we say and what we do.” Alison emphasizes their commitment to transparency and creativity, rooted in the power of people and stories that inspire the world daily.

With the debut of “The Siri Drama Series” on Netflix, audiences embark on an emotional odyssey, experiencing human connections amidst Kenya’s picturesque tea landscapes. Alison urges audiences to brace themselves for an immersive journey that touches hearts, provokes thoughts, and leaves an indelible mark of Kenyan storytelling.

The “Siri Drama Series” involved a cast of 90-100 including extras, alongside a dedicated crew of 65 per season throughout the production.

“Netflix’s interest in “Siri” and Kenyan content prompts exploration into the elements resonating with audiences, be it the cast, storytelling, or the use of Kiswahili. The series’ consistency invites a deeper understanding of Kenyan entertainment viewing habits” said Alison.

Looking into the future, the production house is gearing up to film various TV commercials and a new romantic comedy in the offing.

Apart from “Siri,” AL IS ON Production has delivered past blockbusters such as “Shuga,” “Africa University Challenge,” and “Mali,” demonstrating their commitment to meaningful and relevant content.

Currently, the production house is finalizing the edits and packing a socially relevant film titled, “IMPURE ” which sheds light on period shaming, inspired by a tragic true incident in Kabiangek, Bomet County in Kenya. The film confronts the harmful consequences of silence surrounding this taboo, highlighting the struggles of young girls and women.

According to AL IS ON Production, the future of film hinges on adapting to new technologies and meeting the evolving demands of a global market.

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