Know What LG’s 2, 10, 7, And 14 Mean For Customers

by Business Watch Team

No business operates in a vacuum. Every business operates within a set niche and environments ruled among other things by competition and other forces within and without. A business that lives the test of time stands out.

Many things make a business stand out. Many stand out but few survive to see the following day. People think that what makes a brand stand out is either the product or the service. Well, that is just a small fraction of it.

What makes a brand stand out and outlive others is trust. Trust is everything. It is the invisible currency and the engine of the business. They say people don’t buy products or services; they buy trust. It is trust in the business that makes them come back.

LG Electronics is one of the few tech giants around the world that has managed to anchor its services on trust through its products and services that make customers always want to be associated with them. The brand has managed to invest in people.

To show its commitment to always put the customer before everything, the tech giant rolled out four special numbers; 2, 10, 7, and 14. These are the magic numbers with the customer being at the heartbeat of each one of them.

What does 2 stand for? This is the number of years that LG offers as a warranty on all of their products excluding commercial usage. What about 10? These are the number of years that LG offers as a warranty on core parts (On washing machines/ fridges/ & MW) such as Inverter Linear Compressor, DD Motor, and Inverter Magnetron.)

Sometimes you purchase an electronic and it fails within the first week. What do you? For most brands, it is usually the beginning of back and forth as to whether the gadget should be replaced. Not with LG. And that is why 7 comes into play. These are the number of days within which the product is deemed ‘dead on arrival.” If your product from LG fails within 7 days, it is replaced or repaired on a priority basis. Just like that.

Have you ever bought a product and then regretted when you need a service just because there are not verified service Centers to repair it? For LG Electronics, they are in 14 towns for the service care for the products. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to trek.

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