KRA To Start Monitoring Your M-Pesa Transactions

by Business Watch Team

No nation has ever developed by overtaxing its poor population. If you keep on milking an emaciated cow, it will soon die.

The Kenya Kwanza Government seems to be under an illusion that the can only survive by taxing the poor Kenyan peasants to death.

A few days after proposing to increase Excise Stamp Fees by over 317 percent, the government now wants the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to monitor your M-Pesa transaction.

In the 2023 Budget Policy statement, the government is seeking to have access to individual telecommunication companies M-Pesa records to see what every Kenyan transacts to “catch tax evaders.”

The government believes that many Kenyans are paid through M-Pesa, hence, therefore, evade the Kenya Revenue Authority tax net.

M-Pesa has about 30 million Kenyans. The majority of Kenyans transact daily on M-Pesa to send and receive money. Some use it to pay for products and services.

Ironically, there are only 7 million Kenyans who have the KRA PIN numbers (eligible to pay taxes), something that has angered President William Ruto.

At one point, the President directed that anyone who has an M-Pesa account must have a KRA Pin number in an effort to “get more taxes from Kenyans.”

As to whether this government will succeed in their seemingly wild-goose chase, only time will tell. But they seem serious and Kenyans might just be looking at one of the toughest times ahead.

President William Ruto, while campaigning for the office and seeking mandate from Kenyans to occupy the House on the Hill, he sold the Hustler narrative to millions of Kenyans.

Many believed in his dreams. He promised the real Canaan where the price of Unga was to retail at 100 shillings, the price of electricity to be within reach for everyone and have an enabling environment for businesses.

The moment he took power, he forgot everything and the Hustlers are wailing.

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