LG Expands Its Suite Of Cloud Gaming Services, Offers Gamers More Choice

by Business Watch Team

LG Electronics is expanding the cloud gaming experience on its 2023 TVs by increasing its suite of cloud gaming services available to LG TV Users.

Moving forward the TVs will entail a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW in over eighty countries as well as launching the popular Boosteroid service in over sixty countries. This follows the addition of Blacknut and Utomik in 2022 aimed to further bolster the suite of cloud gaming services available to LG TV users.

Giving his remarks, LG Electronics EA Managing Director Dong Won Lee said the move is part of LGs commitment to offering a diverse range of gaming services through its expanding webOS ecosystem.

“The company will continue to partner with gaming industry leaders to bring its customers a broad selection of options for different preferences and interests while advancing the gaming capabilities of its outstanding TVs. This year, LG TV owners can look forward to even more cloud gaming services, including Luna” said Dong Won Lee.

With the Game Quick Card on webOS 2023, Kenyan gamers will have a gateway straight from the home screen on their LG TV to access services such as GeForce NOW, Utomik, Blacknut, the newly launching Boosteroid, as well as Twitch, and YouTube1.

Another exciting addition to the stability of cloud gaming services on LG TV is Boosteroidthe world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider, with four million global users. With 18 server sites worldwide, the service delivers reliably smooth gameplay and hours upon hours of immersive, interactive fun.

Besides, they can enjoy an outstanding gaming experience on the company’s award-winning OLED TVs, which deliver ultra-smooth gameplay courtesy of a 0.1 millisecond (gray-to-gray) response time and low input lag.

For 2023 LG TV users, they can enjoy gaming on GeForce NOW at 4K 60fps with no additional downloads, installation or hardware required. GeForce Now is currently available in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) at 60fps on LG TVs (2020-2022 models) running webOS 5.0 and higher.

Blockbuster games on NVIDIA’s service, including Cyberpunk 2077No Man’s Sky, and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, are even more realistic and dynamic when played in stunning 4K resolution on LG’s premium TVs.

LG’s premium TVs will also provide a more personalized gaming experience with the Game Optimizer and a variety of customization features and game-genre-specific picture settings.

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