LG Partners with Red Cross In A Blood Donation Drive

by Business Watch Team

LG Electronics has partnered with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority (KTTA) to address the increased blood shortage in the country as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Through the Life’s Good Blood Drive that took place at LG brand shops located at the Kenrail Towers and Adlife Plaza a total of 121 pints of blood were collected.

Speaking during the Kenrail Towers drive, LG Electronics Managing Director, Dongwon Lee, said, “We believe in making life better, and for us that means taking concrete steps to contribute positively to society. Through this blood donation drive, we are not only saving lives but also sending a powerful message about the importance of community, care, and compassion. This partnership is in line with our commitment to making “Life’s Good” not only for our customers but also for the entire community.

LG employees and volunteers from the KTTA and KRCS facilitated public blood donations aimed at boosting national blood supplies. At least 500 individuals were targeted. Donors provided consent and a brief history of their health, before the 8–10-minute donation that was followed by a 15-minute recovery period. The collected blood was tested and stored at the blood bank, with donors set to receive their blood donation cards in a week.

The Life’s Good Blood Drive aimed to educate LG Electronics’ employees on the importance and benefits of blood donation. While LG’s motto “Life’s Good” has always been associated with the company’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life through its innovative products and services, this partnership reflects the company’s commitment to extending the concept of a better life to the broader community.

The successful completion of the donation drive and the collection of safe and compatible blood will address the immediate and urgent shortages experienced in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Additionally, it will serve as a lifeline in emergencies, and surgical procedures, and provide renewed hope for patients fighting life-threatening conditions.

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