LG Rolls Out Commercial Laundry In the Coast Region

by Business Watch Team

Demand for professional laundry services in the country is expected to surge by the end of 2023 on account of rapid urbanization, making Kenya’s commercial laundry industry one of the most attractive industries for entrepreneurs and investors.

Speaking during the LG Electronics Inaugural Commercial Laundry Seminar held in Mombasa, LG Electronics EA Managing Director Dongwon Lee said the commercial laundry industry has shown remarkable resilience and consistent growth.

Globally, data from research firm SkyQuest shows that the global commercial laundry market size is poised to grow to USD 1.89 billion by 2030 up from USD 1.45 billion in 2022 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.4 per cent between 2023 -2030.

“The growing reliance on laundromats as a convenient and time-saving solution presents an exceptional opportunity for investors to establish highly profitable ventures. Today’s consumers value convenience and quality, and by investing in the commercial laundry sector, entrepreneurs can cater to these demands while providing top-notch services. At LG, we are committed to delivering the best and most advanced technical solutions for commercial use, perfectly tailored to meet investors’ business needs.” Said Mr Lee.

Entrepreneurs and investors who attended the Seminar from diverse industries had a chance to see the latest, state-of-the-art LG Commercial Laundry range that boasts Smart Commercial washers in sizes 10.5Kg and 15Kg, both of which speak volumes of their size and power.

Both models use modern technology that makes big batches of laundry an easy task to tackle. All units are stackable for users’ convenience and come equipped with powerful engines that get the job done in relative silence.

In terms of capacity, the LG commercial laundry equipment is capable of holding up to 10.5 Kg and 15 kg of laundry. They are not only ideal for laundromats but also for the hospitality sector, hospitals and care homes, multi-housing, schools and universities, and the public sector among others.

“Between Hotpoint and LG, we have witnessed successful laundromats since our pilot project about 3 years ago. This has seen us witness over 100 laundromats open up in different parts of Nairobi. We project about 1000 new laundromats will open up across the country over the next three years as they are not capital-intensive for the investors” said Hotpoint Head of B2B and Air Conditioning Business Mr. Ravi Kanani.

Equipped with the latest technological advancements, the LG Dryers come enhanced with energy-saving features making them efficient and elevating the performance and profitability of laundromats. Besides, it uses high-temperature air to sanitize clothes of germs and bacteria.

LG’s laundromat technology also comes with a digital smart app that allows customers to monitor the progress of their laundry remotely and make a pick-or-drop call. The shop operators can also manage their business off-site in real-time and promptly track and resolve technical issues.

The seminar is part of LG Electronics EA’s commitment to champion the expansion of Smart Laundromats across the country and empowers entrepreneurs in the commercial laundry industry. To date, through strategic partnerships, the company has contributed to the roll-out of laundromats in Nairobi different estates like Langata, Buruburu, TRM, Waiyaki Way, and Hurlingham among others

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