LG SolarDom: Whatever The Circumstances, Cook Your Own Food

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LG SolarDom

Often, you will come across people trying to be the best chefs online. Nowadays, everyone is trying to cook something and recording themselves live either on TikTok or other platforms. To be a good cook, it is not always charcoal or cooking gas. Things have changed people.

As LG Electronics puts it, when life gets hard and food becomes your comfort, the last thing you want to do is spend lots of effort and time on cooking. So, you might order fast food instead, but that isn’t the healthiest option.

LG SolarDom Oven has been around for some years now. This is the only Gen Z microwave that has never lost its touch if you ask those who have used it. I own one and the features that this magical device comes with will make you regret all the years you wasted using other heating means.

First things first. What are the features? 

Multi-Cooking Functionality: All your needs are met by this feature that allows you to Heat, grill, Steam, Fry, and Bake as well as microwave dishes all in one appliance. The convenience you get with this oven is limitless, and the amount of easy and quick Oven recipes you can try is endless.

Charcoal Lighting Heater: With this feature, your food absorbs the heat faster and deeper, making the outside crisp brown and keeping the inside juicy, so it tastes as good as if it were freshly grilled.

Energy And Time Saving: The charcoal lighting heater saves you time by up to 30% and energy by up to 20% thanks to the “No Preheating” process. Get your meal cooked faster with less energy with the LG SolarDOM Oven!

Bottom Heater: LG makes sure your food is heated perfectly as there’s nothing more upsetting than a cold meal after a long day at work while taking care of your kids, or in the thick of cramming for exams. LG is all about making life easy, so the bottom heater adds heat from the bottom in addition to the back of the dish. This feature is especially great for foods that require bottom grilling.

Round Cavity: Not only does the round cavity make cleaning the microwave easier, but it also takes in larger round dishes with no problem. Since many dishes are round, why not have a round cavity for maximum convenience, right? The round shape also concentrates energy directly on your food, so it is thoroughly cooked and heated.

Easily clean your microwave. The rounded cavity makes cleaning easier and smoother since there are no corners for you to scrub and wipe dirt from. The convection microwave ovens also have an EasyClean coating that ensures cleaning is as easy as cooking.

Be the cook you have always dreamt of.

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