Liberty And Heritage Host A Golf Tournament In Nanyuki

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Liberty and Heritage

Liberty and Heritage hosted the annual Nanyuki Golf Tournament at the esteemed Nanyuki Golf Club. The event attracted both golf enthusiasts from across the region providing an exceptional platform for networking.

Joseph Githui emerged as the overall champion of the Liberty and Heritage Golf Tournament, showcasing remarkable skill on the green. Meanwhile, Ms. Anabwani Amimo secured victory in the Ladies category with an impressive score of 40 points, also claiming the title of the longest drive in the ladies’ category with an impressive 217 yards to 198 meters.

In his remarks,  Heritage Managing Director Godfrey Kioi emphasized Heritage’s unwavering commitment to such initiatives, highlighting previous sponsorships including the January Mug that was held at the Karen Country Club  and the upcoming Nyali and Triad Golf Tournaments in July and September respectively. He extended heartfelt congratulations to the Nanyuki Sports Club for their exceptional organization of the tournament and expressed gratitude to all involved in making the event a success.

Reflecting on the longstanding golfing tradition in Nanyuki, Kioi recapped the Major Barkas Memorial, a tribute to Heritage’s first customer in the town and emphasized the organization’s commitment to the region through the annual tournament. He acknowledged the deep-rooted relationship with the Nanyuki Golf Club, extending beyond hosting tournaments to a genuine partnership.

The Heritage Nanyuki Golf Tournament is a testament to the enduring dedication of both organizations to promote sportsmanship, and community engagement. Since its inception in August 2008, the tournament has become an anticipated annual event, symbolizing the shared values and dedication of Liberty and Heritage to excellence.

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