List Of 36 Teachers Deregistered By TSC In March

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Junior Secondary Schools

During the month of March, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) deregistered about 36 teachers for various offenses. The deregistered teachers will no longer be under TSC and will not work anywhere as teachers with the blessings of TSC.

“Pursuant to Section 30 of the TSC Act (2012), the Commission wishes to publish names of teachers who have been removed from the register of teachers,” said TSC in a statement.

  1. Newton Githinji Mwangi
  2. Moses Barasa Wanjala
  3. Constance Sayo
  4. Benard Gichuhi
  5. Ngugi Peter
  6. Leonard Barasa
  7. Michael S M’masi
  8. Shadrack Muchiri
  9. Musyoka M. Loise
  10. Francis J. Mutunga
  11. Boniface Nzui Musyoka
  12. Peter Kinuthia
  13. Samuel Murimi
  14. John Gitonga
  15. Joseph Maina
  16. Syengo Muthwa
  17. Daniel Muthusi
  18. Edwin O. Amoro
  19. Geoffrey Kamande
  20. Edward Murome
  21. Wilton Kantet
  22. Nahashon Chirchir
  23. Martin Wanjala
  24. Tenges S. Philip
  25. Daniel M. Githinji
  26. Suleiman Zachary
  27. Machoka O. Evans
  28. Wilson M. Nyakina
  29. Joseph Mwiru
  30. Meshack Kipsang
  31. Wafuna N. Collins
  32. Lebana Jefferson
  33. Henry Ndambuki
  34. Achacha Lucas Blu
  35. Nixon Wafula
  36. Omumia Paul

“Where the name of any teacher is removed from the register under this Act, such name shall not be reinstated except by direction of the Commission,” said Nancy Macharia, the CEO of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

“Suffers or permits or employs in any school a person not being a registered teacher shall be guilty of an offense and liable to a fine of not less than one hundred thousand shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both,” TSC insisted.

According to TSC, the deregistered faced disciplinary actions, and the commission found them guilty, prompting the action. The said teachers have no option for appeal for the decision rendered by the commission is final unless they go to court seeking a review.

TSC has been weeding out rogue teachers within the profession. Most of those who have been deregistered were found to have had sexual relationships with their students, alcoholism, drug abuse, and absenteeism.

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