List Of Shortlisted Teachers For Promotions Under New Modalities

by Business Watch Team

Following the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, adoption of the new modalities that influence teacher promotions, teacher promotions have recently proven to be a significant challenge.

Apart from teachers who are automatically promoted from Job Group K to L, all other job groups require interviews to be promoted.

According to TSC, a number of teachers have remained in job group L for as long as 15 years without being promoted. With the career progression guidelines in place, teachers’ promotions have been structured in a different way.

The teacher’s workforce has also in the recent past witnessed the acquisition of higher degrees, diplomas, masters, and even doctorate degrees.

The holders of these mouthwatering credentials have not been enjoying any promotions by TSC, that is to say, presenting these additional qualifications To TSC for consideration for promotion has not yielded any returns.

With the new push, Parliament compels TSC to promote teachers who have acquired diplomas, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees while in service.

Following the recent development in TSC, thousands of teachers who have acquired these higher qualifications while in service could be gearing up for a possible promotion after the parliament recommended so.

There is also a petition by Kenya National Teachers Pressure Group KNTPG that has sought to compel the Teacher’s employer to move with speed and promote these teachers.

“The TSC should within six months of the adoption of this report open negotiations with teachers’ unions on the Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs) and uphold the rights of teachers who have acquired relevant qualifications at the time of their in-service.

The Parliamentarians further asked TSC to submit their budget requirements to cater for promotions of qualified teachers in a financial year. All the teachers to be promoted have been listed on the official TSC website.

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