Mean Girl Minne Kariuki Needs A Lesson In Etiquette

by Business Watch Team

Self-proclaimed Queen of Shade and youngest cast member of the Real Housewives of Nairobi, Minne Kariuki is wearing down the rest of her castmates with her childish antics and endless penchant for unnecessary drama.

The actress who has from the very first episode showcased an almost purposeful disregard for time and has arrived shockingly late to every single event she has been invited to thus far with very little to provide in the form of excuses

In episode 3, despite the sudden death of her father-in-law, with whom she claims they shared a very close relationship, Minne goes ahead and calls Sonal to say she is coming to bring shade instead of canceling her attendance to grieve and support her family. She further goes on to show up  seven hours late and shows up in a rather short outfit that was overly glamorous making the other ladies confused and concerned because as Sonal said, “If my Father-In-Law had passed away, I wouldn’t have shown up.”

Minne proceeds to make the de-clutter party about her by trying to throw shade at an absent Dr. Maria, and when confronted by the host Sonal in regards to her intentions, showing up in the manner she did, she proceeds to get extremely defensive and raise her voice.

Susan, Sonal’s best friend was not having any of Minne’s childish behavior and took it upon herself to defend her friend and put the disrespectful actress in her place.

In episode 4, Minne once again showed up shockingly late for the baby reveal, missing most of the event…providing a rather weak excuse as to why she could not show up for her friend during this memorable occasion.

It is clear to us that the upcoming actress needs to re-evaluate how she conducts herself and how she treats other people. Her consistent tardiness, failure to respect the efforts of hosts, and constant need to make everything about herself are in extremely bad taste. The first and only party in the show that was drama free was held without her and that speaks volumes about how she carries herself in public.

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