MediaPal Tops As Multi-channel Marketing Solutions Provider 2022

by Business Watch Team

MediaPal, a leading ad-tech company, has been named among the 2022 Top Multi-channel Marketing Solutions Providers by US magazine Martech Outlook. The award recognizes the ten best companies at the forefront of providing multichannel marketing solutions that transform businesses.

The advertising firm uses a data-driven, omnichannel programmatic digital experience platform to help brands improve their digital marketing campaigns and in-store traffic.

“We are very proud to be one of the Top 10 global companies driving multi-channel marketing solutions. As a frontrunner in digital marketing, we continually innovate for trendsetting marketing challenges and help clients reach the digital last mile with their advertising,” says Maurice Juma, the CEO of MediaPal.

Besides the recent award, MediaPal is a two-time consecutive winner at the Marketing Society of Kenya Awards for its innovative marketing campaigns with global clients.

In 2021, the firm emerged as the winner of the Most Disruptive (MarTech) marketing award following a partnership between MediaPal, Dentsu, and Mastercard.

The Mastercard contactless location campaign was focused on sensitizing customers to minimize contact touchpoints when making payments with a simple tap and go checkout in specified locations and shopping locations.

Another award was the 2020 Ramadan donation campaign for Muslim refugees together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and GroupM which allowed refugees to feel like part of the community during Ramadan.

The company provides an all in one platform for all advertising needs including:

  • AdFi – a last-mile advertising solution that allows brands to tap into customer footfall in specific areas – malls, restaurants, and public places – where free wifi is available.

  • Connected TV (CTV) enables brands to advertise to their audiences through internet-enabled TVs and set-top boxes.

  • Conversational ads that help brands interact in real-time with users through chatbots.

  • Audio ads ensure that brands can reach their audio audience on every platform including ringback tones.

  • Social media advertising through SocialByte where clients can monitor their ads running on different platforms in this single unified dashboard and consolidate all campaign reporting metrics.

  • Creative studio that helps creative agencies make native, lead generation, video, and rich media ads giving the company a competitive edge.

With the ever-increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and automation in the advertising industry, MediaPal offers A/B testing to help evaluate, test, and identify campaigns and creative strategies that provide the best-laid results. Its automated optimization systems also pick up poorly performing assets whilst simultaneously pushing the best-performing ones to ensure the best possible outcomes for marketing campaigns.

“We pride ourselves on having a great market understanding, especially in the emerging economies, and acquiring first-hand experience operating in these markets. Our solutions consistently evolve as per clients’ needs,” adds Juma.

The company has further announced plans to heavily invest in its research and development to enhance its value proposition and make it future-ready to serve its existing clients better. The next big thing on its horizon is the launch of several groundbreaking technologies and to grow partnerships and camaraderie that will increase its presence in Africa, Europe, and North and South American markets.

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