Minet Covers Teachers Who Want Kids Through IVF

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Data from the Kenya Fertility Society indicate that 2 in every 10 couples in the country face fertility issues. But thanks to the advancement of technology in infertility therapy, these parents have a shot at becoming parents through in-vitro fertilization, or IVF.

IVF refers to an assisted reproductive procedure where the male sperm and the female eggs are fertilized outside the body and in a laboratory dish. Once fertilization occurs, the embryo is implanted into a woman’s womb, where they develop and grow like a normal fetus.

IVF is one of the most common treatments used to treat infertility, and the success rate is over 50 percent. The treatment is used to treat infertility resulting from various conditions, including endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, and in cases where the underlying cause is unknown.

IVF is undoubtedly a boon for couples to help them achieve parenthood. Apart from assisting couples in conceiving, it reduces the risk of miscarriages. Lab tests can be done to determine whether an embryo is genetically viable. This improves the chances of a woman having a healthy pregnancy. A woman can also choose to have a baby at the right time.

Despite the success of IVF in the country and the increased number of women seeking these solutions, the procedure is not easily affordable. Put simply; good treatment covers everything from checkups and counseling from a reproductive specialist to the actual treatment, which is not cheap. Although, when compared to other medical procedures such as laparoscopy, mastectomy, and surgery, among others, IVF is comparatively cheap. Yet it remains a far-fetched dream among many Kenyans.

Depending on the IVF specialist, the cost can range from 200,000 to over 400,000 shillings. At best, this price tag is daunting. For many Kenyans, this sounds entirely far-fetched – especially since many patients may go through several cycles of IVF before conceiving or attempting other options.

The high cost covers procedures such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (a specialized way to create embryos) and genetic testing of embryos. It also caters to trial transfers and cryostorage fees for embryos you wish to preserve.

Not many insurance schemes in the country cover IVF, leaving many people seeking the service at the mercy of their deep pockets. Eventually, the whole endeavor becomes an emotional fight, harrowing psychological and interpersonal distress.

Luckily, couples under the TSC medical scheme are able to access IVF services across the country. The IVF covers benefits to principal members and their spouses under inpatient as per the available limit.

Better yet, teachers can take advantage of affordable rates set and agreed upon with impaneled facilities that offer IVF services. This includes Fertility Point Hospital and the Mediheal Group of Hospitals (Parklands & Eldoret). Teachers should, however, bear in mind that investigations and drugs are not covered since the nature of treatment is fertility related.

Reach out to Minet today on 0730604000 or 1528 or email at mmc.customerservice@minet.co.ke to learn more about this IVF Solution.


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