More Accessorised Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Hits The Kenyan Road

by Business Watch Team

Standard Toyota Hilux double cabin with free accessories/presents more value to the customer with free accessories.

Nothing feels better than being behind the wheel of a nice and beautiful car, with windows half-open with a cool air like the breeze of the sea coming your way. A good car is about safety and when behind a wheel of such a car, you are always assured of seeing tomorrow.

Although Covid-19 has curtailed some of our freedoms such as movement, the inner adventurous spirit and a taste for finer things in us should never die. When this is all over, or even if it doesn’t, we should be able to hit the road again, discover new paths, get lost in the hills and the valleys as we listen to the cheering of the birds and the animals.

For years, I have been a Toyota person. The nickname in the village is “Mtu wa Toyota” and nothing makes me proud than that name. The first car was a Toyota Hilux Double Cabin pickup (it is the first and the only one), and since I am a dairy farmer, fetching grass for my six through the muddy roads of the village has never been a problem. When we need to go to church with my family or attend a family gathering my baby sorts me out. So, when I tell you about Toyota Hilux Double Cabin, I am talking about the baby I own.

Its time to get a newer baby and I hear Toyota Kenya is offering the standard Hilux double cab with free accessories. What this means is that with the same amount of money I get a supped-up Hilux double cab. Who doesn’t want to get value especially during this Covid-19 time?

The beauty about Toyota Hilux is that it is all round for both business and leisure. The car fits all occasions depending on where one wants to use it.

The accessorised Toyota Hilux

Currently, when you purchase a new Toyota Hilux Double Cabin from Toyota Kenya, it will come fully accessorised.

The accessories include:

  • Fog lamps
  • Side steps
  • Weather shields
  • Tonneau cover among others.

The fog lamps are for better visibility during this rainy season and in foggy areas, side steps, making it more comfortable to access the vehicle due to ground clearance. Weather shields are to protect the side panels from getting wet in case of rain when driving with an open window, as well as a tonneau cover to keep your goods and belongings protected from the weather and preserves rear tray against elements of weather. The rear step bumper makes it easier to load goods onto the rear tray.

The accessories improve the aesthetics of the car. It is definitely a great deal when am taking my family out to check on the progress of the farm or down the slopes of Mt. Elgon for them to see the wonders of Mother Nature.

Locally assembled

The accessorised Toyota Hilux is locally assembled in Kenya. You can as well say it is made in Kenya in a demonstration of “Buy Kenya Build Kenya” initiative which is intended at realizing a bigger contribution by the manufacturing sector to the national economy. It, therefore, comes with a local touch of the reality on the ground. In 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned an assembly line for Hilux pickup marking the return of the local assembling of the Hilux pickup that had been discontinued in 1995.

Kenyans love Hilux pickups. In fact, the decision to set in motion the local assembly of the Hilux pickup was informed by the model’s rising popularity among Kenyans.

As Toyota maintains world-class quality, the production of the Hilux in Kenya brings forth great cost reductions the price did not change much we might shoot ourselves in the foot. Toyota Kenya believes the Hilux is a vehicle that embodies the joy of owning something special, due in part to its dignified appearance, together with a toughness forged in the real world.

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