MPs From The Mulembe Nation Shortchanged In House Committees

by Business Watch Team
House Committees

Looks like Members of Parliament from the Mulembe Nation, especially those affiliated with the Orange Democratic Movement have been played when it comes to key committees within parliament.

From the list that has been released, senior Members of Parliament who seem to have sacrificed a lot for the party have been given the membership of house committees that even the very mentioning of them sounds like a big joke.

Honorable Tim Wanyonyi, a lawyer by profession and a veteran member of ODM, the man who shelved his ambitions to be the Governor of Nairobi for Igathe (who failed terribly), has been assigned membership to the committee of Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library.

Other Luhya MPs in the same committee include Wanjala Raphael, Injendi Moses Malulu, and Koyi John Waluke.

There is only one Luhya MP on the committee of National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity, and that is Ikana Fredrick Lusuli.

In the Members Service and Facilities Committee, Elachi Beatrice and Muhanda Elsie Busihile are the only Mulembe members.

Nabulindo Peter Oscar has been placed on the Public Petitions Committee.

Makali John Okwisia and Wanjala Raphael Sauti are members of the Committee on Implementation.

In the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee, Murumba Chikati and Nabulindo Peter are members.

Elachi Beatrice, Wambilianga Catherine Nanjala, and Mukhwana Titus Khamala are the only ones in the National Constituencies Development Fund Committee.

Mutua Didimas Baraza and Wangaya Christopher Aseka are members of the Regional Integration Committee.

Bwire John Okano is the only one in the Committee of Parliamentary Powers and Privileges.

In the Delegated Legislation Committee, there is Mwale Nicholas Tindi.

Omboko Milemba is the only one on the Public Debt and Privatization Committee.

John Murumba Chikati, Wangaya Christopher Aseka, and Shinali Benard Masaka are in the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

Wanyonyi Martin Pepela is in the Decentralized Funds Accounts Committee.

Kalasinga Joseph Majimbo is in the Special Funds Accounts Committee.

Wanyonyi Ferdinand Kevin is in the Public Investments Committee on Social Services Administration and Agriculture.

Koyi John Waluke and Bisau Maurice Kakai are in the Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works while Nabii Nabwera Daraja is in the Financial Audit and Money Related Committees (Public A counts Committee).

Transport and Infrastructure has Muhanda Elsie Busihile.

None in the Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, same with Tourism and Wildlife.

Sitati Daniel Wanyama is in the Sports and Culture.

Salasya Peter Kalerwa, Kalasinga Joseph Majimbo and Nabulindo Peter Oscar are in Regional Development.

Tim Wanjonyi is in the Social Protection Committee while Patrick Barasa Simiyu is in the Labor Committee.

Pepela appears in the Health Committee.

Nabii Nabwera Daraja in Education.

Salasya Peter and Wanyonyi Ferdinand Kevin are in the Agriculture and Livestock.

THERE IS NO MULEMBE MP in the Finance and National Planning, Environment, Forestry and Mining, Energy, Defence, Intelligence and Foreign Relations, Communication, Information and Innovation, Blue Economy and Irrigation, Administration and Internal Affairs, Lands Committee, and the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

No one is in the Public Investments Committee on Commercial Affairs and Energy, same with Public Investments Committee on Governance and Education.

At the same time, none in Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, same with Tourism and Wildlife.

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