Mwende Frey, The Tough Woman Who Has Secularized Entrepreneurship

by Business Watch Team

I have never met her in person. I only interact and see her posts via X (formerly Twitter). She speaks her mind, is not afraid of judgment, and takes bullies by the horns. Her name is Mwende Frey, the proprietor of Man’s Chamber Barber Shop and Spa.

As the name suggests, Man’s Chamber Barber Shop and Spa is for men. It is a business run by women for men. Women are not allowed unless they are part of the staff. Mwende and her crew shave men’s heads, professionally massage their bodies, and entertain them through songs, dance, and twerking.

Many have accused her online of the way she runs her business. Many consider it immoral. Typical of Kenyans who preach morality when they are rotting within. Truth is, morality cannot put food on someone’s table in this Nabii William Ruto’s economy.


There is something unique about Mwende; how she popularizes her business. She does it uniquely, capitalizing on herself and mostly turning some online negative energy to work on her favor. I dare say, she has secularized entrepreneurship and it is working well.

Through her online “tantrums”, Mwende has created employment, runs a stable business that eventually contributes something to the mainstream economy and seems destined for greater things. Her modus operandi in running her business is an inspiration in a unique way.

There are things people do not know. 450,000 small businesses die annually in Kenya. This means that 30,000 are dying monthly and at least 1,000 closing shop daily. For a young person such as Mwende to set up business, then see it roll beyond two years is not a joke. It needs someone with a thick skin, brutal, and unwavering will to succeed.

So, men, if you need your head worked on, look for Mwende Frey then come back and give your testimony. Let us support young entrepreneurs if we need to survive in this economy.

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